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  • Remember, you are a role-model

    Remember, you are a role-model
  • Behind The Scenes Of A Blog Post & Why I Haven’t Been …

    Behind The Scenes Of A Blog Post & Why I Haven’t Been Consistent
  • The Power Of Having Personal Style

    The Power Of Having Personal Style
  • Living One Day At A Time

    Living One Day At A Time

Review Of My £29.99 Remington Curling Wand

I have wanted to buy a curling wand for a couple of years now, and I just never felt like spending a lot of money on something like that. I went on Argos one day and I found a couple of good options and then I finally decided on the Remington Rose Pearl Ceramic Hair Curling Wand CI9525. Its original…

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What I Wore In Greece: Holiday Lookbook

This past Sunday I got back from a cruise around some (beautiful) Greek islands. It was my first time going on a cruise and I absolutely loved it! I definitely want to do it again. I am proud to say that for the cruise I packed really light, considering I was allowed to take a 23kg suitcase but only used…

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The Straw Bag Trend

Straw bags are huge and they are everywhere, and I am sooo enjoying this trend right now. I remember when straw bags where in style when I was a child and my mum used to have some pretty awesome ones in her wardrobe. Unfortunately, she got rid of them because she didn’t realise how freaking cool those bags would be…

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How To Avoid Overpacking

As I am packing my bags and getting ready for a family holiday, I realise how easy it can be to over pack for your holiday. If you are traveling via airplane then you will most probably have a weight limit for your suitcase which means you want to make the best use of both space and weight. If you…

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What I Keep In My Beach Bag

I am pretty sure that people who live in hot countries and live near the beach have their ‘beach essentials’ down, however, I think this post will be particularly helpful for all of you that live in a colder climate and really anyone that is preparing for their summer vacation. 😉 The first thing I have in my beach bag…

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How To Document Your Life: Memories & Feelings

I am only 21 yet I find that I tend to forget so easily. I have made so many amazing memories and I hate forgetting all those good times. From big adventures like visiting a place across the world, to the simplest things, like going for a coffee with a good friend… these memories are all equally important to me…

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