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  • What I Am Keeping From 2020

    What I Am Keeping From 2020
  • How To Get Over A Breakup

    How To Get Over A Breakup
  • Moving & Starting From Scratch, Again

    Moving & Starting From Scratch, Again
  • How To Be Body Positive

    How To Be Body Positive

Behind The Scenes Of A Blog Post & Why I Haven’t Been Consistent

This post is going to be nothing like what I usually post on my blog, but with that said, it is still something I felt like I needed to write about. The best way I can describe it is a “life update” post, on the topic of blogging and my journey with it. So if this is something you are…

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The Power Of Having Personal Style

According to google dictionary, the definition of the word fashion is: a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour. The key words here are “popular” and “latest style”. I do not know how all the people in the fashion industry do it, but the idea of always having to think ahead of yourself, predicting and wearing…

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Living One Day At A Time

Why is it so hard to just live in the moment?!Cliché? Yes. True? 1000%. I like to know when I am doing what, I like to write down to-do lists and I am a planner in many respects. I plan ahead and I like having a schedule in my life. However, at the same time, I am constantly trying to…

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Our Ingleton Waterfalls Adventure

This is a blog post about the time Alex and I got tricked into going on a 3-hour hike. Enjoy!   This past Sunday Alex, his family and myself all decided to go visit the Ingleton Waterfalls. We left the house around 2:00 p.m., and we drove for about an hour to get there. When we arrived at what we…

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A Casual Date-Night

I really like dressing up and occasionally going for a drink or two but I am not that huge of a fan of staying out late. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but I just feel like I do not have the energy anymore (lol yes I know I am not even 22 yet) and I really have to…

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Why I Will Always Choose To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and who doesn’t want to celebrate love?! I never had a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day (until the age of 19) but that never stopped me from being super excited and always making plans to celebrate. I never saw that day as a celebration for couples, I saw it as an opportunity to make…

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Three Valuable Relationship Lessons I’ve Learned Over The Past Months

Alex and I have been living together for a few months now and it actually feels like I am living with my best friend. In the grand scheme of things, our journey has been really smooth but just like any couple, we’ve had little issues we had to work through. Here’s what I’ve learned through our journey so far. Lesson…

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What I Would Do Differently If I Went Back To Uni

Uni years were truly amazing. Even though I would never want to go back and do all those essays and assessments all over again, being a university student was such a cool experience. I feel so fortunate I got to experience it in London, a city I inevitable feel in love with, and as a dance student, doing something I…

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