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  • What I Am Keeping From 2020

    What I Am Keeping From 2020
  • How To Get Over A Breakup

    How To Get Over A Breakup
  • Moving & Starting From Scratch, Again

    Moving & Starting From Scratch, Again
  • How To Be Body Positive

    How To Be Body Positive

Nothing Bad Lasts Forever.

I have had this post in my drafts since September of last year and this felt like the perfect time to actually finish writing it. Life -and history- has taught us time and time again that absolutely nothing bad lasts forever. One could argue that nothing (good or bad) lasts forever, but I don’t like thinking of it that way.…

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How We Spent 2 Nights In Edinburgh

Getting there: We got to Edinburgh via train from Glasgow and the journey was only 1h30 and tickets cost £13 (with our railcard). The journey home was 2h30 and our tickets cost £28 (with a railcard again) so overall getting there and back was very affordable. How we got around: Even though where we stayed was quite far away from…

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How We Spent 24h in Glasgow

Alex and I had the best time in Scotland. I had never been before and I absolutely loved it and enjoyed every second of our trip. A part of the reason that we enjoyed our trip so much, I think, is because it was somewhat organised and we had done our research prior to going on the trip. I spent…

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Instagram Quality Over Quantity

Instagram (and all social media really) was created to be a happy place for everyone and that’s how it should remain. I joined Instagram in the summer of 2014 but it has changed so much since then. The platform itself has evolved and I no longer use it for the same reasons I did in 2014. Right now this app…

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My Ballet Journey

With today being World Ballet Day I thought it would be a great opportunity to share my own ballet journey and what I have learned so far. To get straight into it, I decided I wanted to follow ballet, and dance in general, as a career around the age of 14 (even though I fell in love with ballet long…

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You Still Have Time To Succeed

I am only 22 and I often feel like I have failed in the career aspect of my life. Then I remind myself, I have neither failed or succeeded because the thing is, I’ve just barely started my journey! I graduated from uni just over a year ago and after 6 painful months of being unemployed and sending email after…

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The 73 Vogue Q’s

1 – Favourite colour: blue-green 2 – If you could have one superpower what would it be: to fly3 – Favourite movie: A walk to remember and Peter Pan (2003)4 – Favourite drink: boring, water5 – On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you about life right now: an 8.5 6 – Favourite holiday: easy, Christmas7 – If you…

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Remember, you are a role-model

I know this may be hard to believe sometimes but I think that every person is someone’s role-model. You might just be going about your life, minding your own business but what you forget is that someone out there is looking up to you and wants to have what you have and be where you are. And I don’t mean…

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