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  • Instagram Quality Over Quantity

    Instagram Quality Over Quantity
  • My Ballet Journey

    My Ballet Journey
  • You Still Have Time To Succeed

    You Still Have Time To Succeed
  • The 73 Vogue Q’s

    The 73 Vogue Q’s

5 Steps To Organising Your Closet

  Tackling your closet is a very hard task and it takes a lot of courage to even consider doing it; especially when you have a closet overflowing with stuff!!! I do not organise my closet that often but when I do, I go all out. I cannot understand how a closet can get so messy or how I manage to…

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How I Style My Hair Using Minimum Heat

      Let’s face it, having damaged hair SUCKS! I really like my long hair and I could never imagine myself cutting it. My every trip to the hair salon is only to cut off a few centimetres and of course, it only happens like once a year (even though I do know I should be going a lot…

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Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself

      No matter how often we do it, we are all guilty of comparing ourselves to others. I don’t know if it is in our human nature to compare ourselves or if I should blame the society that we live in. I am not sure and I don’t really care either. What I do care about, is bringing…

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3 Goals You Should Strive To Achieve By The End Of 2018

  It feels like yesterday it was January 1st and now we are more than half-way through the year. In fact, we are 3/4 through the year which means there are only three months left of 2018. If you want to nail the new year and be the best YOU that you can be in 2019, just keep reading. It…

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Visiting Konnos Beach

         This place is just insane! Konnos is a beautiful sandy beach located in Protaras. I went there for the first time last summer and I fell in love. Alex lives in Larnaca (which is much closer to Konnos beach than my hometown is) so the other day we decided to wake up super early and visit…

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Road Trip To Blue Lagoon

  The Blue Lagoon in Akamas is a very famous coast many people visit during the summer. Even though I live in Paphos and have been to Akamas many, many times before, this was my first time visiting the Blue Lagoon. This little coast is very famous for its pool-like water and I am so happy I have finally experienced…

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Why It’s Okay Not To Be Okay Sometimes

“there is nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so don’t expect yourself to do so either” I came across this quote on WeHeartIt a few days ago and Oh My God, these few words have literally opened my eyes. No one can be happy all the time! It is physically impossible. We are humans and we experience emotions,…

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How To Wear Your Summer Pieces Into Autumn

         It is still hot here in Cyprus and summer wardrobe is totally still wearable. With everyone getting so excited about autumn and autumnal fashion (I am also excited about autumn but I cannot fully indulge in it because I just love summer way too much), I thought it was about time I dip my toes into the…

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