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  • What I Am Keeping From 2020

    What I Am Keeping From 2020
  • How To Get Over A Breakup

    How To Get Over A Breakup
  • Moving & Starting From Scratch, Again

    Moving & Starting From Scratch, Again
  • How To Be Body Positive

    How To Be Body Positive

My Basic “Glow Up” Routine

We all have a little routine we follow throughout our week to make ourselves look and feel better. It’s not a “pamper” routine, it’s not necessarily a morning or nighttime routine, it’s more than a skincare routine… it is its own distinct routine, which combines a bit of everything. I am pretty sure you all know what I am on…

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Things I Miss About Living In London

I lived in London for three short years during my studies at the R.A.D. Thinking about it, three years sounds like a while but time truly flew by. There are a few things I dislike about the city and I simply could never imagine myself living there long-term, but there are even more things that I absolutely love about it.…

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How I have been using my time in quarantine

This is currently week 12 of quarantine for me (and I assume most of the UK as well) so I have been home for a while! I thought I would write this post to document a part of my quarantine life but also maybe give you some ideas about things to do. Before I get into it though, I want…

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(My) Body Image

This is a topic I knew I was going to get into at one point and I finally feel inspired to put my thoughts into writing. Just like every other girl, I had my ups and downs with “body image” so here is my story. My experience. I have never been overweight or underweight. For my whole life (so far)…

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Being Sustainable And Shopping on High Street

My friend and I were talking about influencers and sustainable fashion the other day, and she gave me the idea to write this blog post. A huge number of influencers and fashion bloggers are finally starting to talk about sustainability, which is amazing news. I am not going to lie, three years ago I didn’t even know sustainable fashion was…

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“Self Love Kit” Product Review

I bought this kit back in February and it is basically a bundle of beauty and skincare products (sadly it is sold out but you can still buy all the products individually). The purchase price of the Self Love Kit was £150, however, the total value of all the products it includes is around £400. This kit was put together…

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A Week Of Outfits At Home

This is not my usual type of post but with the whole world being in quarantine, there’s nothing “usual” going on. For me, this is Week 7 of being at home and it is crazy to think that the whole month of April went by just like that. I am very hopeful that this whole situation will come to an…

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23 Things I Am Grateful For

I am grateful for: The family I was born into The sea My best friend My healthy working body All the amazing teachers I have had in my life The sunsets and sunrises that set my heart on fire Airplanes (that can get you home no matter where you are in the world) The way I see and accept my…

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