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  • Behind The Scenes Of A Blog Post & Why I Haven’t Been …

    Behind The Scenes Of A Blog Post & Why I Haven’t Been Consistent
  • The Power Of Having Personal Style

    The Power Of Having Personal Style
  • Living One Day At A Time

    Living One Day At A Time
  • Our Ingleton Waterfalls Adventure

    Our Ingleton Waterfalls Adventure

My Top 5 Packing Tips

When you travel around 7-8 times in 12 months you slowly learn more and more about packing. I have learned quite a few things myself over the past 3 years and I have some tips to share with you all today. Some tips will be useful when you travel with a small suitcase and others will be useful when you…

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Shop Summer Sale: Boohoo, H&M, Forever21

Another summer sale post because I just cannot get enough! Three different places to shop from in this post and all of them are really affordable. The pastel colour scheme was not intentional but I quite like it! If you don’t like those colours keep in mind that most of the clothes I have linked come in other colours as…

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Do we hang out with people just because we want to fit in? Always be true to yourself.

If you are a very outgoing person you will most probably have a really big group of friends. If you are not very social then you will most probably have a smaller group of friends. However, does a big group of people mean that you actually have more friends? We all need friends and we all need to be around…

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Shop Summer Sale: Topshop, Zara, Urban Outfitters

To all my friends and family that know me really well, you know that I couldn’t possibly have my own blog and not mention in my posts the sales season. Because we all know that sales is one of my favourite words! Haha! It is not always a good thing (actually it is almost never a good thing because I…

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Floral Summer Dress – OOTD

Another easy summer outfit! 🙂 I got my dress from New Look for a really good deal but unfortunately it is no longer available on their site. I love this dress so much because it just hugs the body so perfectly. I find it so simple yet beautiful. All the cute little flowers and the different shades of pink, orange…

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Pool Day – OOTD

A pool outfit that doesn’t scream “I am wearing a swuimsuit”. In my opinion anyway. I love the really chilled beach outfits where you can just throw on a t-shirt dress or just a pair of shorts and you are ready to go. However, as I was staying at a hotel at the moment I wanted to make myself look…

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