We Have Our Own Podcast!

Yes, you read that right. I am the podcast co-host for Skies of Pink. I am so excited to be working on this project! Recording episodes has been so much fun (but of course also very awkward at first haha). My co-host is Christiana, also known as my best friend. Not to brag but we do bounce off of each other so well and like I already mentioned we have so much fun recording it and having our little podcast meetings via Zoom so it has been such an awesome experience so far.

Christiana just messaged me on Instagram in early February saying “Hey I was thinking we should start a podcast” and of course I loved the idea. We started doing our research as we had no idea where to even begin. We were not, and still aren’t, very tech-savvy so it was a bit of a bumpy ride but the more we research and record and get into it, the more we learn. We really wanted to do it all by spending no money, to start off anyway. The audio quality might not be the best, but it’s the content that counts, and that will not disappoint haha. Oh and here I should also probably mention that even though you are reading this blog post in English our podcast is actually in Cypriot (no, not an official language, Cypriot is our dialect, the official language in Cyprus is Greek). If you’re Cypriot pleaseeee go check out our podcast!! If you’re Greek / know the language… you might enjoy listening to it but you will for sure have a loooooot of unknown words haha.

What is our podcast about you might wonder. This part has proven to be very difficult to put into words but I will do my best. We are both females so straight away you can get an idea. We are two chatty best friends talking about anything and everything. We are both ballet teachers by profession so that’s also a big part of us (both as people and friends). We love fashion and beauty but we also like to talk about life and relationships and all about becoming an adult (for real though). As you can tell from our title, we like to keep our podcast very broad so that we can discuss on it whatever we are into at the time.

I try to post a new blog post every other Wednesday and for the podcast, we are aiming to upload an episode every other Friday. They usually fall on opposite weeks btw, so if a blog post goes up this week, then the podcast will be up the next Friday). If you are reading this post around the time it went up, our first episode already went up almost two weeks ago Friday, April 23rd! A new episode is coming this Friday, May 7th!

We have episodes planned for the following weeks and our biggest goal is to stick to one episode every other week. With that, we are keeping in mind that we are doing this for fun so if we happen to miss a week (or five), well that’s life. If you are interested in listening to the two of us ramble for 25 minutes every other Friday, then subscribe to our podcast! All you have to do to find us is search “Skies of Pink” wherever (almost) you listen to your podcasts. We are on Google Podcats, Spotify, Player FM, and more.

Thank you for reading and if you haven’t already, be sure to listen to our first episode!


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