Tips to dress for spring & summer while it’s still chilly

I remember living in England and wearing coats throughout the whole year (yes even during the summer). I honestly remember feeling so burned out from what felt like, a never-ending winter. At least the days were much longer which was a blessing. I never knew what to wear and I had zero desire to put effort into my outfits and dress up, at the expense of being cold. Luckily I live in Cyprus now where spring actually kicks in in March when it should!

I decided to put together this post and share my top tips on dressing for spring/summer even when the weather is not exactly there yet. If you are living in a cold country, I think you will find these little tips very handy, this is how I got through spring and summer in England lol. If you live in a country with a warmer climate, then take these as some tips to transition from your winter wardrobe. I am certainly wearing my white jeans and all my pastel-coloured knits right now.

Tip #1
Wear ALL the spring/summer accessories. That is one of the easiest ways to transition into s/s without even having to change what you are actually wearing. Wear sunglasses, colorful hair scarfs, scrunchies, ankle bracelets, pearl accessories, and of course, all the straw bags and all the shells. Shell necklaces, shell earrings, shell rings, shell bracelets… you get the idea. Just wearing a jumper and a pair of shell earrings makes all the difference in my outfit and in my mood too.

Tip #2
Change up your colour scheme and patterns. You can still wear trousers, knits, and coats but in lighter, happier colours. Whites, pastels, florals, and any other print you can think of. Swap out your black jeans for a white pair, your dark denim jacket for a lighter one, and your brown coat for baby pink / nude. Light colours and bright patterns instantly remind me of spring. This is the simplest tip out of them all but it truly makes such a differnece. Oh and of course it’s also so easy, even if you don’t like accessories for example, you can easily wear your usual wardrobe in lighter shades.

Tip #3
Layer, with style. 😉 It might not be warm enough to wear a maxi dress with sandals. However, what you can do, is wear a long sleeve t-shirt underneath your dress, or a thin oversized knit over it. Add a pair of sneakers or ankle boots and a denim jacket on top and you are good to go. Layering will not work with everything but I can guarantee that it will work with a lot more than what you think. I am talking from experience. Find an item in your closet that really screams spring, whether it is a top, a skirt, a thin jacket, etc, and find a way to wear it during the -chilly- spring season, in a way that keeps you warm yet, has style.

Tip #4
Last but not least, I think this is another awesome, and easy, way to sneak in some spring/summer into your looks and that is to change up your shoes. Maybe it is not exactly warm enough for flip-flops but wearing any type of shoe that shows off some “skin” will make a huge difference. You can wear shoes like mules, ballerina flats, slingbacks, open-toe shoes, slip-on shoes… and hopefully in a month from now we can get away with wearing our beloved flip-flops as well. #DieHardFlipFlopLoverOverHere. I don’t know if it’s because I am a shoe lover, but this tip always does wonder for me. Try it and you will not regret it. Also, who isn’t dying to get out of boots right!

Thank you for reading! Have fun styling your spring and summer outfits.

Outfit details:
Knitted set – Missguided via ASOS
White tee – Zara
Bag – Accessorize
Shoes – Primadonna
Scrunchie – Amazon
Shell bracelets & hair clip – Ebay


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