Wedding Diaries: One year before the wedding. Or not.

Soooooo… if you remember how the last Wedding Diaries post ended, everything was left up in the air. This post will cover everything we did from September 2020 – February 2021. Let me say that for the majority of that time Alex and I were simply debating if we should actually go through with the wedding or postpone until 2022.

October 2020: Alex and I went wedding dress shopping. With the wedding being up in the air we weren’t doing any planning so of course it wasn’t our initiative to go look for a dress. Apparently, I had won a voucher from this place and they called me up to go in and see them and try on their dresses. That was my first time trying on a wedding dress and let me just say, WOW. Every wedding dress I thought I would love, I actually hated when trying it on. I thought I would like a really fancy, sparkly wedding dress but I didn’t like any of that on. I ended up liking ONE dress. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures (sucks I know) so of course, I don’t remember it in great detail. I liked the dress but I wouldn’t say it was the one. Anyway, I know for a fact I am not going to get that dress purely because I think the lady was trying to rip me off a little bit. Apparently, I had won a €1,000 voucher and the dress I liked (which may I remind you was one of the simplest dresses there) was apparently €2,500 (which would come down to €1,500 with my voucher). Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that’s a crazy amount for a wedding dress but the dress I liked just didn’t feel like it was worth that much. Weddings are really expensive as it is and I don’t want to be overpaying for anything.

November – December 2020: No wedding planning took place.
Alex and I would occasionally get into our typical conversation of “do we get married next August, yes or no?”.

January – February 2021: MANY discussions took place during these two months. We contacted two more venues and looked at all the ways we could go about doing this wedding. We came up with around SIX different ideas on how we could go about having the wedding, until we finally gave up, decided that none of them sounded good enough, and made the ultimate decesion to … postpone. It hurts my soul just writing this as I was really hoping to get the wedding over with this year. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason so perhaps by the time we actually do get married, we’ll be at a much better place in life. (Maybe this way, I’ll also get excited about the wedding again.. maybe)

Honestly, nobody truly understood our situation throughout this process. And of course, I don’t blame them because it’s one of those things that you have to actually go through yourself to understand. We had a very hard time finding a venue and just when we finally agreed on one, they said they had to cancel. You cannot plan a wedding without a venue. We were planning (pre-Covid) for a 500 guest wedding but we basically could not find a venue within our budget the way we wanted. We thought about having the wedding in Larnaca for more venue options or having a 200 guest wedding instead, that and many many more thoughts crossed our minds. A lot of Alex’s guests will be coming over from the U.K. so that was another huge hurdle we had to overcome, and we had so many discussions about that as well and how to go about it.

All that and so much more were things Alex and I had to talk about over these past six months and let me just say it wasn’t fun. Wedding planning had become such a pain and it was no longer any fun. If you are a bride-to-be, please don’t let my experience get to you. Everyone’s journey is so different. My journey was pretty blah so far. At this point, I just cannot wait for it to be over and this is why I was so gutted we had to postpone (and make this process last even longer). We’ve barely done any planning and I am already so over it.

I will not let myself think or talk about the wedding for at least the next few months. I will take a mental break and hopefully, things will start looking up by the time we start wedding planning again. We’ve (obviously) done a bit of wedding research already so it’s not like we are starting from scratch. Plus, I am not very particular about things so I’m sure I’ll find vendors. The biggest problem remains the venue. If you know of any venues in Paphos that can host a 500-guest wedding, outside, let me know. I’m pretty sure I know of all the places already and I either vetoed them because they were over our budget or I didn’t like them, but hey I might have missed one. Covid aside, the venue is still a big problem so I have no idea if we will stick with 500 guests or if we’ll eventually decide on something else.

Since wedding planning hasn’t been very fun for me so far, I am just really hoping I can push through for next year and get it over with. I will not be doing any more wedding diaries posts. I am hoping to do one as a wedding-recap after the wedding is over, whenever it actually happens.

I am sorry this was a very anticlimactic post, especially for a wedding diaries series. Either way, thank you for reading and I am hoping to be back for another post in two weeks. I am still trying to post every other Wednesday.

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