You Don’t Have To Be An “Influencer” To Create

Let me start by saying that I love influencers, bloggers, content creators, or whatever you want to call them. I follow the ones that make me happy, brighten my day, inspire me and just give me good vibes. This post, however, has nothing to do with influencers. It is all about us, all the people that are not influencers and don’t have thousands (and hundreds of thousands) of followers. Maybe not all of us can be influencers for a living, I don’t think all of us would be even want to anyway. However, why can we not build a community with the 500 followers we do have, by creating any and all types of content we enjoy.

* Note: We all influence and get influenced by people in our lives, however, for the sake of this post whenever I use the word “influencer/blogger” etc., I am referring to people who do this for a living, social media is their career and is their full-time job.

I feel like a lot of us stop ourselves from doing things we would otherwise enjoy just because we think certain platforms/features are only for influencers. Well, it’s not true, it’s all just in our brain. Vlogs, sit-down YouTube videos, fun Tik Toks, Instagram Lives, Blogs, Podcasts (and more) are available for you and me to create for pure enjoyment. I didn’t start my blog because I wanted to turn blogging into a career. I started because it was something that always sounded really fun to me, and I was right. I enjoy everything about blogging from brainstorming to putting outfits together, taking pictures, writing posts, etc. This doesn’t change based on how many people read my blog. It feels nice when one post gets more readers than another, however, if a post just gets 1 reader, it still doesn’t matter to me as long as I really like the post myself. I get enjoyment from putting a blog post together. I also love scrolling back on my blog and looking through all the pictures and reading all my old posts. I don’t get enjoyment from the number of readers.

You can do the same! If there’s something you like to do on the side, like doing YouTube perhaps, then just get started already. If you enjoy the process of filming and then watching back at your videos, it won’t matter if you are getting 10 views or 1000. Do it for yourself and your own enjoyment. After all, we are all social media users, why can we not own being creators as well?!

I love all the influencers and bloggers I follow and I eat up their content. But as much as I enjoy watching their morning skincare videos, I would also love to see that from a girl I went to school with. My best friend and I always talk about skincare and fashion (and much more) and I value all her recommendations so much. I wish I could get recommendations from more awesome, every-day women I follow. And it doesn’t have to be about recommendations, it can be just about anything. When I go on my Instagram (and I say Instagram because it is the platform I go on the most and connect with the most people) I don’t want all the stories I see to be only pretty selfies. Nothing against pretty selfies, it’s just that I would genuinely be interested in seeing more from people’s lives. Every now and then I would love to see what people had for lunch, and if they worked out I want to see what workout they did, and I want to see their outfit of the day. I want my profile to be a community for people and on the other hand, I want to be part of other people’s communities myself.

Now I know that all of us are already spending so much time on social media and I don’t want to encourage you to be on them even more. I just wanted to open your eyes to all the different ways you could be spending your online-time. Don’t feel like you have to start a YouTube channel and have a set schedule and go above and beyond to post every single week. Or go on Instagram and post every single day and do stories and IGTVS and reels. All I am saying is that if you do want to film an IGTV of your everyday makeup routine purely because it sounds fun, then know you don’t have to be a makeup artist or an influencer to do so. Stop holding yourself back. All platforms are created for everyone to enjoy. All I am saying is have a think about whether you would enjoy yourself more if you spent 20 minutes scrolling on Tik Tok and 20 minutes creating your own video (compared to just spending 40 minutes scrolling for example).

I know this post will not be for everybody. If creating content yourself, sounds boring AF then forget about it. If you are perfectly happy consuming the content you are and have no desire to create anything, then you are already doing it all right. So just keep doing your thing (aka whatever it is that makes you happy). *This is more for the people who do find the idea of creating fun, but are too scared to do it!*

Oh and one more thing to keep in mind, you know you can still create “content” (of whatever nature) but just keep it to yourself. The fun part is the process and looking at the finished product, it’s not really seeing it online on a platform. I LOVE to film stuff on my phone and on my camera. I have so many clips on my computer from holidays and special occasions but I also have clips from just random days. Sometimes I edit clips into a long video and sometimes I don’t. Either way, I love every part of the process and most of all I LOVE looking back at all those videos that bring me so much joy. I don’t post any videos on my YouTube channel because I like to film family moments that I like to keep to myself. If my best friend I ever manage to go on that trip we have been talking about for years, I will definitely film it and I might post a few clips on my channel if she is cool with it.

To finish off I want to mention a few people that are clearly enjoying creating different types of content, all while being themselves (or that’s the vibe I get anyway because I don’t actually knowww them personally hehe). You might want to check them out.
#1 Kristin, who has Instagram, a YouTube channel, and a blog.
#2 Evridki from My Shade, who has a Beauty/Makeup Instagram and her blog, My Shade.
#3 Nicole, who I believe is a professional MUA and has a Beauty/Makeup Instagram as well, and a YouTube channel.

It’s kind of funny that two out of the three accounts I mentioned have to do with makeup because I am not even that big of a makeup fan. These two are probably the only makeup-focused accounts I follow on Instagram and this just goes to show how much I actually like their personalities.

Thank you so much for reading if you have made it this far and I hope this post inspired you to do whatever makes you happy.

Outfit Details:
Dress – H&M
Bag – H&M
Sandals – (CY) Local shop
Earrings & anklet – Ebay


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