Wedding Diaries: Over a year before the wedding

I cannot believe I am actually sitting here right now writing this post! Wedding planning so far has been the most exciting and overwhelming process. I read blog posts on wedding planning and looked up tips and articles on Pinterest but honestly, none of that was any help. I think the reason was that weddings are so different from country to country. Luckily we had family members that got married in 2019 and a couple that was planning a wedding for 2020 and they were the people that I actually got valuable information and advice from.

This post is an overview of what our wedding planning timeline has looked like so far. I am sure this timeline will be different for everyone. This is not a guide, this is just how things worked out for Alex and I. These are all the thing we have done up to a year before the wedding. *To help put things into perspective we got engaged 27/07/2019.*

August 2019: We put together a rough guest list (for my side of the family). My cousin got married earlier that year so we already had the guestlist for my dad’s side and started working on it from there. We also decided on a wedding date which at the time was going to be 22/08/20. And we booked the church for that date as well (I had two churches in mind but when we called one wasn’t avaiable on our date so that made the decision very easy). I also started saving pictures and slowly started creating a wedding mood-board.

September 2019: As at the time we were living in England, we decided it would be too hard for us to plan a wedding in Cyprus so we decided to move the wedding to 2021 and cancelled the church. I loved the idea of getting married in 2020 but I knew the planning process would be too stressful. I am so glad we made that change.

November 2019: My sister went to a wedding fair and got a lot of information on vendors etc. and I couldn’t be more grateful!

December 2019: In December I went to Cyprus for literally four days. There was no wedding planning in progress, however, I did meet with the family couple that was planning a wedding for 2020. They basically informed me I should get my ish together because they had started planning their wedding the year before and a lot of things were getting booked up fast.

January 2020: We decided on a new date, 28/08/2021, and booked the church (again). My mum also went to look at a venue that Alex and I had in mind.

February 2020: Alex (who was in Cyprus at the time) and my mum went to another wedding fair and again we got a lot of information from that as well. I got in touch with a lot of venues to see who could cater for 500 guests outside, it turns out there are NOT many options. However, I was set on having the wedding out in the open so we had to work with the few options we had available. I also emailed many photographers to get their offers on wedding photography. I neatly organised all the information in a file on my computer and set it aside (for months). In mid-February, I flew over to Cyprus as well. Alex and I arranged a meeting to go see the two venues we had in mind (Ktima Alassos and Eleouthkia Park) and get all the information we needed. However, we didn’t get to try the food at either of the places as they were both ‘closed’. End of February we also decided on the wedding budget!

April 2020: We decided on the venue. (It was an obvious decision but also one difficult to make because even though I loved Alassos as a physical space, the majority of our wedding budget would have to go solely towards the venue and for me personally it wasn’t worth the sacrifice.) Alex had plans to go to Cyprus in May and try the food at Eleouthkia but with Covid-19 that plan was cancelled. We called the venue to let them know we were (hopefully) going to be in Cyprus in August to try the food and asked them to save the date for us.

June 2020: I opened back up that folder I created back in February with the photographers’ information. Alex and I went through all the files and eventually made a decision on a ‘photographer and videographer’. We had a phone call with them and they agreed to save the date for us until we would get a chance to meet with them in person in September.

July 2020: We started working on Alex’s half of the guest list.

August 2020: I finished writing all the “Save The Date” cards and I started gathering guests’ addresses to mail them out. *SPOILER ALERT* Our venue cancelled all wedding bookings for the year 2021 (due to COVID). Needless to say, we decided to pause on the save the date cards.

This is everything we did up to a year before our wedding. We were not expecting the venue mishap but considering how 2020 has been so far, that is the least of our problems. The people at the venue know that we want that specific date. If weddings can go on as normal in 2021 then we will book our venue and have the wedding. If things are not back to “normal”, I don’t think I want to have a wedding with a fifth of my guests.  So we might postpone. Either way, we are just going to go with the flow. This whole situation is totally out of our control. There’s nothing we can do about it so we might as well just take it easy. I am going to continue the wedding planning process as I had planned and we’ll see where this will take us.

The next wedding-related post will be up in mid-February, which will be just six months away from the wedding!
As always, thank you for reading.


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