Manchester City Break – Photo Diary

Alex and I had a voucher for a free (one-night) stay at any Hilton Hotel in the world. (Which is pretty cool if you ask me.) Our voucher was valid for a year and we had all this time to use it but never got around to it. It was due to expire mid-August so we thought it was now or never. Due to Covid, travelling was out of the question. We couldn’t even go to London (well we could, but it wouldn’t be a very smart choice). We decided to go somewhere close, where we would also feel ‘safer’. So Manchester it was.

Both Alex and I have been to Manchester about a hundred times. It’s very close to Preston, where we live, and it’s also one of the biggest cities around here. What’s special about this place though, is this is where Alex and I met! We decided to use the voucher to stay at the same Hilton Hotel we first met at, almost five years ago now.

We caught the train there and back and even though we only stayed for one night, we had two (almost) full days there. It was so nice not having an agenda. We had absolutely nothing planned. To help put things into perspective, I only packed one outfit to wear the next morning and that was it! We walked around, did a little bit of shopping, had some food, enjoyed each-other’s company and then came back home. I loved every minute of it! The only downside to our trip was our favourite cinema being closed. Which in the grand scheme of things wasn’t a big deal, at all.

It’s always nice visiting and exploring new places but sometimes it feels good to just chill.

I know there isn’t much to photo diary posts, but I really like making them. I took 250 pictures, in under 32 hours in a place I had been to so many times before. I wanted to make use of some of them! But most importantly I wanted to have this post to look back on. I have two more photo-diaries up on the blog (one from 2017 and one from 2018) and I still enjoy scrolling though them all the time. Thank you for scrolling through this one, if you’ve made it this far. 😉

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