How I have been using my time in quarantine

This is currently week 12 of quarantine for me (and I assume most of the UK as well) so I have been home for a while! I thought I would write this post to document a part of my quarantine life but also maybe give you some ideas about things to do.

Before I get into it though, I want to touch on the topic of quarantine turning into a “productivity competition”. I don’t agree with it. First of all, you have to take part in the race to feel like you are competing and I just refuse to take part. Stay in your own lane and do your own thing. I highly doubt that anyone is sharing their quarantine activities on social media to make others feel bad. If somebody posts their workout online, chances are they are doing it to hopefully encourage others to get up and do a workout as well. They are not trying and make others feel bad for not doing a workout. And if you do feel bad when you see these posts, it is has nothing to do with them. It starts with yourself and that is who you have to work it out with. No one is trying to compete. Everyone is trying to get through this. I personally love it when people share what they have been getting up to because that gives me ideas to fill up my time.

1 – I started learning Spanish on the app Duolingo. I am very bad with languages but I have always loved Spanish. I am not going to be fluent in Spanish but I am genuinely learning and I am even taking notes.

2 – I have been reading books. I was reading “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” for a few weeks. Then I got a Nicholas Sparks book for my birthday, “A bend in the road”, so I am currently reading that. I am almost done with it though so I think I will go back and try to finish the other book I mentioned.

3 – I haven’t been working out as such but I have been taking ballet classes (which I hadn’t done for a year and a half :|). It is overwhelming how much free ballet materials are available online at the moment, however, when you get a chance to take a class with freaking Taara Rojo or watch a performance by the ENB or the NYCB, you take it (from the comfort of your own home)! I have also taken a couple of classes via Zoom which I really enjoyed! Nothing beats the human connection. Alongside ballet classes, I have also been stretching more and doing more conditioning exercises.

4 – I have been drawing. I watched a few op-art videos and that was the inspiration for all my drawings (only mine are very colourful). It has been so relaxing and therapeutic.

5 – In terms of work, I obviously haven’t been going to the garden centre but I have been working a little bit as a ballet teacher. For the first couple of weeks, I filmed a number of classes for students to watch and practice at home. Now I am teaching live classes via Zoom, however, I am only doing 3 (half-hour) classes a week which doesn’t take up much time. I really wish I could be teaching my older students as well but I live in a studio apartment with very little space for dancing (nevermind teaching a class)!

6 – I have been baking. Besides the time I tried to make tsourekia (if you know you know haha), it has been so relaxing being in the kitchen, making delicious, sweet treats. And we all know, the best part of baking is getting to eat it all.

7 – I have been writing blog posts, brainstorming, editing pictures and I have overall been feeling very inspired.

8 – On occasion, I have also been doing some mini photoshoot sessions at home.

9 – I only got into this as of last week but I started painting and I love it so much.

10 – Yes, I downloaded Tik Tok. I even made a few videos myself as soon as I downloaded it but now I just use it to watch videos by my favourite creators. I think it’s actually a really cool app but I know I probably won’t have it on my phone in a couple of months.

11 – I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos and I have been loving it. Some of my favourite YouTubers at the moment: Alisha Marie, Ashley Nicole, Aspyn + Parker, Luna Montana, Sarah’s Day, Amelia Liana, In The Frow, Molly Burke, India Moon, Milena Ciciotti, Tamara Kalinic, The Rybka Twins, Jaci Marie, Chelsey Jade, Cambria Joy, Kristin Johns, and Audrey Freeman.

12 – I have been doing a lot more video calls with my family!

13 – I have been listening to music; mostly while painting, drawing, or stretching. I also have the occasional dance party on my own while Alex is at work.

14 – I signed up for the Claudia Dean World Live classes and I have been watching those and learning lots of new exercises.

15 – I bought modeling clay with the hopes of making a vase but I am still waiting for my clay tools to arrive.

16 – I finally learned how to ride a bike! Credit to Alex for buying me my £20 bike from Ebay and being so patient with me.

17 – I have been taking a lot more walks and I started to appreciate the nature around me.

18 – Of course I have been watching TV. I just finished watching two greek series (Η νταντά & Είσαι το ταίρι μου), Alex and I are watching Baywatch and Upload on AmazonPrime and I have been watching Friends, Selling Sunset and The Durrells on Netflix. I am also hoping to finish watching Babies (also on Netflix) and I have finished watching Sex and The City (for like the 10th time) and I am currently rewatching it.

19 – I have been sleeping well. I like waking up early so I try to go to bed early but when that doesn’t happen I let myself sleep in and get those 8 hours of sleep.

20 – Alex and I have been going on bike rides almost every evening and it has been my favourite thing lately!

21 – I have learned to put my phone down and actually watch a video/serious without interruptions and I have actually noticed the difference this has made. Listening to a show and looking up every now and again, is not it.

22 – I have continued to listen to podcasts. I used to listen to them on my commute to work but now I just listen while I am doing things around the house like cleaning, tidying, cooking. I also listen to podcasts while I shower. Some of my current favourites: Unsolicited Advice, Pretty Basic, What We Said, Ear Biscuits, Thick & Thin, and The Health Code. I am always looking for more podcasts so if you have any recommendations leave them below.

23 – I have not been doing online shopping and on the contrary, I have been saving! A little browsing though never hurt nobody haha. It is really tempting seeing so many hauls and sales going on online, however, I already splurged on my birthday, and besides that, I think this is the best time to save up because we are home all day.

24 – I did the closet clearout back in March but I think I might go for round two now so I can go through my summer clothes as well.

25 – I also organised all the cupboards in the kitchen and the bathroom and both mine and Alex’s wardrobe space. However, Alex’s side didn’t stay organised for long.

26 – I tie-dyed a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt in my bathroom sink. The sweatshirt turned out great but the jeans need another round of bleach. I will get to them when I am in the mood for another DIY.

27 – I started writing a letter to a friend (I still haven’t finished it). The last time I wrote a letter, with a pen and paper I was 10.

28 – Last but not least, I recently started writing an optional to-do list. I used to write an actual to-do list but that felt way too serious and strict. I am home all day, I don’t actually “have to” do anything. I can work out, clean, or do laundry whenever. The optional to-do list works so much better for me and really its purpose is to give ideas about thinks I can do that day if I get bored.

This is what I have been up to these past three months. I have overall been feeling very inspired and motivated and also very calm (for the most part). All we have to do is stay home and make sure we don’t get sick. I think we can handle that. Thank you so much for reading!


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