The Power Of Having Personal Style

According to google dictionary, the definition of the word fashion is: a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour.

The key words here are “popular” and “latest style”. I do not know how all the people in the fashion industry do it, but the idea of always having to think ahead of yourself, predicting and wearing the “latest trends” is something I find so exhausting! Mentally and physically. I am not the person to come to with questions about trends and what is going to be “in” next season. I would also like to believe that I would never follow a trend just because it is what is. I only wear things that I genuinely like and feel comfortable in.

With all that said, I love the idea of fashion but I think that a better word for it would be style. I absolutely love the fact that I can express the idea of fashion using my own terms, through my personal style. And that is what a big part of this blog is about. I love to write about my own personal style and give tips and advice on how I would wear specific items. I love exploring my own style and pushing my own boundaries. Most importantly I love to inspire people to find their own personal style and then push their own boundaries.

Some days I dress up and I wear heels and other days I put on my sweatpants and my converse because I just feel like it. Whatever I wear, I wear it for myself. Both sides of the spectrum are part of my style and each one reflects my mood and what I am feeling like on that day. Whether formal or super casual, I like to put time and effort into my outfits because they have the power to make me feel beautiful, strong, powerful, confident… and the list could go on. On days that I feel amazing, I will wear an outfit that reflects just that. If I am feeling creative I will try out something new. I will experiment with the clothes I already own but I will see them in a different light. If I am not feeling my best I will probably just stick to a comfortable and cosy look and that will have the power to make me feel better even on a bad day.

Most important of all, if I am in need of confidence, I know the place to go and it is my own closet! I came to this realisation while getting ready for various interviews I went to in the past few months and it is absolutely amusing to me, how much confidence you can gain simply by putting on the right outfit. I vividly remember that what I wore made all the difference in the way I felt. With the right outfit on, I felt so powerful and strong and confident. Like I was the sh*t! It felt so amazing, and through those moments I finally realised all the power that there is in finding your own style and feeling beautiful in your own skin.


You do not have to define what your personal style is. That is something that will always grow and evolve with you. What you have to do is to experiment. You will never know until you try, right? So try out different things and see how you feel about them. Don’t settle for mediocre outfits. In fact, just don’t ever settle. Even after you have somewhat established what your style consists of, don’t be afraid to reach out of your comfort zone and truly push your own boundaries. There is so much untapped potential in every woman who has yet to experiment with her own style.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good if that makes you feel good. So put time and effort into your outfits and into yourself. Why wear something that just feels comfortable, when you can wear something that makes you feel like you are on top of the world? As funny as that may sound to some, I am so passionate about this topic because I have experienced it first hand. I don’t dress in a certain way because I want to be “cool” or “fashionable”. I choose to dress a certain way because I want to feel a certain way. I am not saying that this is your key to happiness but believe it or not, some outfits truly make me happy because they make me feel so good about myself.

Next time you open up your wardrobe to just throw something on, take some time, think about your options, try on a few different things and only settle on something that makes you feel like a superwoman.
And that is how you should strive to feel every single day!


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