Our Ingleton Waterfalls Adventure

This is a blog post about the time Alex and I got tricked into going on a 3-hour hike.


This past Sunday Alex, his family and myself all decided to go visit the Ingleton Waterfalls. We left the house around 2:00 p.m., and we drove for about an hour to get there. When we arrived at what we thought would be just a casual walk in nature, we were shocked to find out that it actually takes 2-3 hours to do the whole trail. Eh sorry, what?! When we first started off I really did not think we would walk the whole thing, but it turns out, we did. The trail is a loop so really there is no way out once you get started, except just walking all the way back. Needless to say, that was not what I had signed up for, but luckily I was wearing trainers and sweats.

We did not go prepared, whatsoever. I literally had a banana before leaving the house and I drank Alex’s shake 30 minutes into the hike. The only thing I did have with me, was water! Thank God! I also wore my comfortable trainers (which was good because duh they were comfortable) but they are my favourite trainers and I was kind of sad I got them all muddy and dirty.

I feel like we literally set up for failure going in so unprepared, thinking we are going for a walk and ending up on a 3-hour hike, but honestly, the trail was just so beautiful that I enjoyed every second of it. *Except those seconds I was out of breath, or I could feel my quads burning… those seconds I did not enjoy as much.*

Overall, I would recommend this trail to anyone in a heartbeat! 10/10 from me!


What you actually need to know when planning your visit!

Entry: You can drive up there and park your car at the beginning of the trail. Dogs are allowed (just in case anyone is wondering) and there is an entry fee which is £6 for adults and £3 for children and there are also family packs available.

Facilities: The facilities at there include toilets (one at the very beginning and another way sort of half-way), a car park and a cafe (which was actually closed when we went). About half-way we also found an ice cream track which was a very random but lovely surprise. Other than that, there is not anything else around. It literally feels like it is the middle of nowhere.

The trail: Absolutely beautiful. It is honestly breathtaking and there are times you feel like you are in the middle, just lost in nature. The actual trail is pretty much just like any other. It is not a difficult walk, tiring yes, but nothing super hard (many families with little kids walked it as well). There are some bridges that go over the river, a lot of ups and downs and overall just a great workout.
It says that it takes between 2h30 and 4h to finish the hike. It took us exactly 3 hours with the occasional stop here and there to take pictures. We were walking at a steady pace but not rushing and we just enjoyed the journey.

Clothing: I saw a lot of people wearing jeans but I would highly recommend that you just wear comfortable active wear or just some sweatpants and a t-shirt. For shoes, you definitely need something super comfortable and ideally something supportive as well. One thing to keep in mind is that if it had rained recently the trail will be very muddy at some points so it is best if you do not wear your favourite white trainers.

Pack: I would highly recommend that you pack snacks with you if planning to go on this hike. If you are doing it as more of an exercise then obviously you don’t want to eat that much, so all you will need is maybe some fruit or an energy bar and of course plenty of water. Now, if you are making an afternoon out of it, make sure to pack food with you and you will find a few lovely places to sit down and have a picnic.

Here’s to my first time visiting the British kakkafa (to all the Cypriots out there, you know what I’m talking about)!

Thank you for reading this post and I realy hope you enjoyed.


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