A Casual Date-Night

I really like dressing up and occasionally going for a drink or two but I am not that huge of a fan of staying out late. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but I just feel like I do not have the energy anymore (lol yes I know I am not even 22 yet) and I really have to be in the mood for it. I still like going but my idea of a perfect date-night consist of good food, maybe going to the cinema and a nice walk around town (only in spring/summer though, because I hate being outside when it’s cold). After a couple of weekends staying in and re-watching Prison Break, Alex and I finally went out for a little date-night and what better place to go to, than Nando’s! I absolutely love Nando’s and I hadn’t had it in a while so needless to say, it was a great choice.

So after spending a stupid long hour finding an outfit and getting ready, Alex and I were ready for our date night! It was his idea to go to Nando’s and as I’ve already mentioned, I was more than happy about it. I do not like fancy food, I like my chicken, my pizza and my pasta and that is the key to my heart – oh and of course a good dessert if I can squeeze that in! I, of course, ordered my usual, which in case you are wondering is: grilled chicken wrap, without the spicy jam, lemon and herb (because I hate anything remotely spicy), a side of halloumi and chips! PERFECTION. Alex ordered… some other type of chicken and two sides of greens. Unlike me, he always likes trying different things out and, well, sometimes it turns out good and sometimes it turns out very bad! It turned out good this time.

I ate so much I had to unbutton my jeans and I am not even complaining about. I had such a good night and to top it all off, Alex agreed to take pictures of me just outside Nando’s AND in front of people. I mean, who even is he?! At first, I thought, I cannot recognise him anymore! But then he complained I was taking too long and that he only agreed to take 5 pictures… and then I thought that’s my boy!

Casual date-night calls for jeans and a sweater which is pretty much what I wore but I put in a little extra effort. I wanted to be comfortable and I did not feel like wearing anything else other than jeans but at the same time, I didn’t want to wear the same outfit I would put on to go to town for shopping. I wanted to try a little harder and wear something just a little more fun and ‘dressed up’, something to fit the idea of a casual date-night. I went for a pair of high waisted boyfriend jeans and paired those with one of my favourite knits. To dress up the outfit I wore a pair of pink peep-toe heels and a green-ish faux fur coat. To match my knit I wore a cute little brown bag. And that, is what I call a casual but also dressy outfit. Really any outfit which consists of jeans and heels will do just that. I was so happy to wear something other than boots or sneakers and I was even more happy that I could wear ripped jeans and open toe shoes without freezing. I know we still have a long way to go but warmer days are indeed approaching!

Outfit Details:
Knit Sweater – Boohoo
Jeans – Primark
Faux fur coat – Stradivarius
Shoes – Next
Bag – TK Maxx

This is basically a look into a date night with me and my boyfriend. Where we went, what we ate (I would say what we did, but that would be “we ate” so there is no point for that) and of course, what I wore, because I always like to see what people wear for different kinds of date-nights! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found it entertaining or got some outfit inspiration! P.s. I am finally getting on a steady schedule with the blog and I am happy to say that I have been very good at posting once every week so be on the lookout for a new blog post every Wednesday!


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