How To Increase Your Productivity In 2019

#1 Make this your motto for 2019: “Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today!”
If you want to be more productive this year, then you have to be willing to get things done. No more postponing errands for tomorrow and then tomorrow and so on… get things done sooner rather than later. Even if it is just the smallest thing, you will feel so much better when you get it out of the way and know you do not have to worry about it anymore.

#2 Have a planner/diary to help you organise your life!
I cannot live life without a planner. I will literally forget even the smallest thing if I do not write it down (I am also a very visual person so that might be another reason why I NEED a planner in my life). Get yourself a planner or a diary and start planning out your days, weeks or even months. Write down your appointments, work commitments, plans with friends, workout classes etc. As soon as you have all your plans/commitments slotted in, you will know exactly when you have spare time and that way you can actually make use of it! Either by running errands, doing work, taking an extra pilates class, going for a coffee with a friend or relaxing at home. It does not matter what exactly you choose to do with your time, as long as you actively decide to make use of it.

#3 Write a to-do list
A planner and a to-do list are two very different things and you probably need both in your life; I certainly do. If I am going to meet up with a friend, I will write tha down in my planner. If the same day, I have to go to the post office to drop something off, I will write that down on my to-do list. Either the night before or the day of, I write down my to-do list of the day. If I am planning to do a workout at home, I will write it down and if I need to deep-clean the house, I will write that down too. To-do lists really help me stay organised and actually get things done.

#4 Cut down the time you are in front of a screen.
We all watch TV and we all go on Instagram but it often gets to be too much. I have started reading recently and I realised just how much free time I actually have. I used to just lazy around and watch TV just for the sake of doing something and I now realise what a huge waste of time that was. If there is a programme you love on TV, watch it! But as soon as that’s over, find something more productive to do with your time. Go for a run or sit down and read a book or clean your fridge (lol sorry I sound like such a grown up but I do have a fridge that needs cleaning).


#5 Important: give yourself time to do nothing.
You want to be productive this year, but remember that a year is 365 days long and you want to have a plan that is sustainable. Do not burn yourself out. Plan your days, be productive, and get things done. But at the same time, know it’s okay to spend an hour (or three) binge-watching Netflix sometimes. Make time to take a long hot bath, watch videos from your favourite YouTubers and just do whatever it is that makes you feel good.



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