How To Actually Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

So many of us start off the year full of enthusiasm and motivation and 3 months in, we are failing miserably and basically, just give up. After reflecting on my resolutions over the past few years I have figured out how to actually prevent this from happening, so keep reading to find out more.

There is something so motivating about getting a fresh start with the new year. That is something I always like to take advantage of and so far, I absolutely love working on my resolutions for the year 2019!

Step number one is: set yourself up for success!
You have to set goals for yourself that are challenging but also achievable! If you live a very busy life, it is very likely that you will not be able to work out every single day, even though you would wish to do so. Settle for 5 days a week and if you can fit in extra workouts, even better. Consider where you are in life right now, think about where you want to get to and decide where you want to be until the end of the year. You might not have time in just one year to reach your final goal but you definitely have time to reach a milestone! Do not burn yourself out by June. Think wisely about what exactly you want to achieve this year based on your lifestyle, work/family commitments, etc.

Step number two: be specific with your goals.
If you do not know exactly where you want to get to, you will never get there. If you want to get into the habit of eating healthier do not just write down “Eat better” or something like that. Your goal should be more something like “Eat at least 2 fruits every day and veggies or a side of salad with every meal”. That way you define what “eating better” actually means to you and you make a plan in order to actually achieve that.

Step number three: make a plan that actually works for you.
Let’s say that you want to start meditating this year and you specifically want to meditate 3 times a week (and hopefully build it up from there). Then what? The next step is to actually take a look at your calendar and consider what days and times of the week would work for you to mediate. That way you will know that every Monday, Tuesday and Sunday night, for example, you will spend 10 minutes meditating. Do not schedule a meditation session on a Saturday morning, if you know you like to sleep in. You have the power of choosing your goals and making your own plan. Be smart about it!

Last but not least: make it fun!
You want to read more this year, and be a better person, as well as save an X amount of money and do better with your finances. That all sounds really good, but what about something that’s actually pure fun? Some of my new year’s resolutions include visiting places in Cyprus that I have never been before, trying out 5 new ice cream flavors and watch Star Wars (because they are such popular movies and also because my boyfriend has been begging me to watch them for the longest time haha). These are all goals I have set myself, for pure enjoyment and to add more fun adventures into my year. I 100% recommend everyone to add a few fun goals to their New Year’s Resolutions List. 😉

Good luck for 2019 everyone! May this be a great year one!


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