Wardrobe Basics For Winter

It is official… the cold months are here! By now we have all left our straw hats and bikinis wayyyy behind and we are (once again) embracing knitwear and booties. I will be honest and admit that my main priority during winter is not to look cute or fashionable but just stay warm. I still try to look cute, but I would rather sacrifice my style than freeze lol. With that in mind, I have been trying to find pieces that keep me warm and are not sweats or gym wear. In this post, I decided to share my wardrobe basics for the cold season! They are all super basic items that (very importantly) keep me warm but also help me style up my outfits.

  1. Comfy ankle boots
    The key word here is “comfy”! A pair of basic ankle boots, not too high, with a block heel, preferably in black or brown. A pair of boots like this will get you through this cold season and many more cold seasons to come. If they are comfortable to walk in, you will reach for them again and again and they will become your best friend. Plus, I do think that ankle boots are the easiest way to dress up an outfit without sacrificing comfort or warmth.

  2. Dark wash denim jeans
    Jeans are literally my best friends during the cold months. You can wear light wash denim during autumn and winter, however, I have found that dark wash denim matches so much better the rest of my A/W wardrobe. They match better with blacks and browns and oranges and I just find them easier to style compared to light wash jeans.

  3. Faux fur jacket
    This is the perfect jacket to wear on your nights out when you want to look fabulous but at the same time, not freeze to death. Of course, faux fur jackets can be worn all day long and you could easily dress them down with jeans and sneakers. However, I have found that they are the best thing to wear over a fun, dressy outfit.


  4. Basic Knits
    Knits, knits, knits and more knits. Knitted sweaters are what most of us live in during these months. They are warm, comfortable and so easy to style. Personally, I always like to go for really basic knitted sweaters, without a lot of patterns or designs. I absolutely love colours and patterns, however, you are not going to get the same wear out of a statement piece as you would out of a basic grey or cream sweater.

  5. Tailored coat
    A tailored coat is an investment and most women will make at one point in their lives. Tailored coats look so chic and fashionable and of course, they keep you warm! Besides being amazing for anyone with that formal office style, I actually think that they are being very versatile lately and they can actually be worn with other things besides stiletto heels and tailored trousers.

  6. Blanket scarf
    I am the type of person that as soon as it gets cold, I need a scarf around my neck. I don’t care that much what the rest of my body is wearing because if there is not scarf around my neck, I will be cold! I have found that blanket scarfs pretty much the best thing ever. They are warm and oversized and they literally feel like a blanket you can wrap yourself in. I also find them to be super stylish. Warmth + Style = Happy Me!

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