Visiting Konnos Beach




This place is just insane! Konnos is a beautiful sandy beach located in Protaras. I went there for the first time last summer and I fell in love. Alex lives in Larnaca (which is much closer to Konnos beach than my hometown is) so the other day we decided to wake up super early and visit this beautiful beach once again. We woke up at 6:00 a.m. and we were out of the house by 6:20 a.m. It took about 30min for us to get there and on the way, we got to enjoy the most stunning sunrise. We got there so early so there were barely any people there. The place was so peaceful, it was almost magical. That beach is super popular and therefore very crowded for the majority of the day. From 9:00 a.m. onwards, until about 6:00 p.m. it is packed! And I mean packed! Early in the morning or later in the afternoon I find that are the best times to actually enjoy the place.


How to get there:

Alex and I drove to the beach both times we visited. If you hire a car it is super easy to get there but I am sure there are buses going past the beach as well. If you have a boat (or fancy renting one) you can also get there via boat and I think it would make for a very fun experience. Of course, you could always take a taxi, however, I am sure that you can use public transport which will be much cheaper. If you are planning to drive there during the day, keep in mind that it might be difficult to find parking as there is limited parking space by the beach.


What you can find there:

At the beach, you can hire sunbeds and umbrellas for something like €2,50 each. Just above the beach, there is a cafe/bar with a sitting area. That place has some fab marble top tables (so Instagram worthy lol) and it is a very cute area. They do coffees, cocktails, snacks and other stuff like that, however, keep in mind that it is rather pricey. The average price for a frappe is around €2,00 / €2,50 and there, it was €4 for a frappe, in a take-way cap. You can also do water sports at the beach, hire jet skis, etc. There are public toilets visitors can use, as well as showers (toilets are free however showers you have to pay for). Due to the beach being so popular both the toilets and the showers look very new and are surprisingly very clean.


The crystal clear water:

OH MY GOD! The freaking water!!! Nothing like anythinggg I have seen before. The water at Konnos beach is literally crystal clear. Usually, the deeper it is the bluer the water is. This place was almost white sand, which gives the water this very light blue (almost pool like) colour and even when it is 2 meters deep, you can still see the bottom of the sea! It is honestly the most beautiful water I have ever seen! I haven’t even edited most of the pictures in this post, because I felt like I was runing the natural beauty.  To get the best out of this beautiful sea I would highly recommend going there in the early morning hours when the beach is quiet and the water is the clearest. The water is super clear by nature, however, as the beach gets packed with people and speeds boats and jet skis start speeding in the sea, it is only natural that the water gets dull. Even though it is still pretty, it is not as beautiful as it is in the morning. If you are not an early bird, visiting this place in the afternoon, during golden hour, will be an amazing experience. I have so much love for my island and seeing such natural beauty just makes me feel so overwhelmed. If you ever get the chance to do so, visit this place and it will truly be a memory you will carry with you forever.


I had visited Konnos beach before, but this time was just magical. Everything was so peaceful, the water was calm and the place was so quiet. The sun had just started to rise, the sky was beautiful, the water was just at the right temperature (even though it did feel a bit cold at first) and the sand was moist and fluffy at the same time. With two words, you MUST visit this place! 😉 Thank you for reading.

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