Road Trip To Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon in Akamas is a very famous coast many people visit during the summer. Even though I live in Paphos and have been to Akamas many, many times before, this was my first time visiting the Blue Lagoon. This little coast is very famous for its pool-like water and I am so happy I have finally experienced it myself!

Getting there (it can be a challenge lol):

There are a few different ways you can get to the Blue Lagoon. The most common way people get there is via boat. Most people drive to Polis and from there, get on a boat which takes them to the Blue Lagoon and back. On the boat they offer lunch and the cost is around €35 to €50 depending on the boat you choose. Others choose to hire quad bikes and drive there. You will get covered in dust on a quad bike, however, it does make for a very fun experience. Alex and I chose to drive there using a 4×4 car. The drive there is a bit dangerous as you are basically driving on the side of a mountain, but that makes for a freaking amazing view. If you are too scared about driving on your own, you can book a safari (or something like that) and a professional driver will take you there and back. I have to admit, I was expecting the road to be a looot worse and a lot scarier than it actually was. It isn’t that bad. You just need a good car and a good driver, and you’ll get there safe. I have seen many people on foot on the dirt road, however, I would NOT recommend it. It is just as dangerous and also very tiring.


Natural Beauty: 

This place is the definition of all the beauty nature holds. On the way to the Blue Lagoon, you will pass by many beautiful little coasts you can stop at, and of course the view is breathtaking. The actual coast of =Blue Lagoon has a very small area with sand which forms a tiny beach, however, the area is mostly surrounded by rocks. I am a huge fan of such coasts, I love sitting on the rocks and observing the little crabs and fish that live underneath them. I love being in nature and I love exploring natural beaches like this one (it is actually my favourite thing to do in the summer). The bottom of the sea is covered in sand (which is a huge plus for me) and it is actually quite deep, so if you want to go swimming there make sure you are confident about your skills. If you love adventures, you will totally love this place. Honestly, I have no words to describe my love for this place and I am definitely visiting again next summer.

When is the best time to visit?

As this place is getting more and more famous, it is also getting busier and busier. From June until August and especially during the weekends, it is absolutely packed!!! If you are only visiting Cyprus for a few days, I would say go even if it is crazy busy, because it is a place worth visiting. However, if you have the option of going on a week-day during the off-season, you are going to enjoy it a lot more. May and September are just as hot and these two months are actually the perfect time to visit the Blue Lagoon (in my opinion anyway). Finally, if it is a windy day, I would try to rearrange my visit. The coast is very close to open sea and that means it will be even windier on the coast and you will not be able to enjoy the beautiful water.

Boat or car?

Both ways of commuting have their pros and cons. If you have a car that can get you there safely, that is the cheapest way. If you drive there, you get to enjoy the scenic view and stop at every little coast that you want to. You get a completely different experience out of it and you can be more adventures and explore the whole area. If you are going during the busy season, I would advise getting there via boat because the road will be too dangerous. Quad bikes are very fun, but again not the safest when it is busy. I think going on a boat will be just as fun, plus when you get there via boat, you get the most out of the beautiful blue water. All the boats, stop right in the middle of the Blue Lagoon and there the water literally looks magical. Alex and I drove there, so we had to swim a quite a lot to get to the actual pool-blue water and keep in mind the water is deep and there are boats in the area. I 100% enjoyed driving there, however, next time I will try it out with a boat and then I will make my final decision. If you are a tourist and you just want to visit the Blue Lagoon, definitely just go on a boat. If you are a traveller and you like exploring new places then go via land.

If you ever find yourself in the Paphos area during the summer, I would totally recommend visiting the Blue Lagoon. Get together with a few friends and make a fun road trip (or boat trip 😉 ) day out of it! It is definitely worth it.

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