How To Wear Your Summer Pieces Into Autumn



It is still hot here in Cyprus and summer wardrobe is totally still wearable. With everyone getting so excited about autumn and autumnal fashion (I am also excited about autumn but I cannot fully indulge in it because I just love summer way too much), I thought it was about time I dip my toes into the water and write my first post of the season. At the moment we are going through the transition of summer into autumn wardrobe… you know that time when it is too cold for flowy summer dresses but not cold enough for jeans and chunky sweaters?! Yeah, I am talking about that awkward season in-between This is the time to mix up your summer and autumn wardrobe and merge the two together. Keep reading for my top tips in doing so, successfully. 😉


1. Layer Layer Layer:

Layering your clothes is the best way to make sure that you will always be dressed weather appropriately. Instead of just throwing on a chunky sweater, getting too hot and having no way out, choose a light knit and underneath wear a basic tee. That way if you get too hot, you can just take off your knit and throw it over your shoulders or wrap it around your waist (Is this a mum thing?! I do it and I love it). Another thing you can try out this season is pairing a warmer top with summer bottoms, or the other way around. If you wear something short and summer both on top and bottom you will get too cold, so you have to meet somewhere in between. If you are going to wear something knitted on top, pair it with either a skirt or shorts. If you are going to wear long jeans or trousers, go for a cami or a t-shirt for a top and layer with a cardigan or a denim jacket. This is the best time to get the most wear out of your denim jacket! When it gets too cold, a denim jacket cannot keep you warm enough so this is the time to just wear it to death. It goes with almost everything and it is the easiest way to layer your outfits. Let’s get these denim jackets out! Last but not least, you can wear your favourite summer dresses paired with basic tees underneath, either short or long sleeve). Strappy dresses with tees underneath are such easy outfits, yet stylish and fun and this is perhaps the best way to wear your summer pieces into autumn.




2. Booties time:

Perhaps my favourite part of this season is getting to wear my boots! When it is too hot to go into a full autumn mood, the best way to get into autumnal fashion is to wear your favourite summer pieces paired with ankle boots. A short summery dress, paired with a denim jacket and a cute pair of ankle boots is the outfit for this transitional season. You can wear booties with shorts, mini skirts, dresses… with pretty much anything and they will a) look super cute and b) look super autumnal. I think ankle boots are a true autumn staple and it is finally time to get them out. Plus, I think the best way to show them off is to wear them with bare legs and that cannot always happen during the colder months due to the weather; so this is the time to get the most out of your stylish ankle boots!


3. Bring out the big coats:

Now, this might be a step too far, for people living in warmer countries, but I know that if you live in England, for example, this is totally wearable. When I wear a thick sweater, a scarf and a big fluffy coat, I just feel… well not pretty, let’s just say that. However, this is the season to wear your big coats and actually feel fabulous in them! This is the time to get out those black leather jackets and teddy bear coats (which are already such a huge trend for autumn and winter) and really play around with different outfits you can wear them. You can pair them with shorts and ankle boots or ripped jeans and sneakers. You even wear your mini denim skirts or floral summer dresses paired with a teddy bear coat and for me, this is the best combination of summer and autumn wardrobe together!




I hope you enjoyed reading this post and are excited about autumn! More seasonal posts to come soon. 😉


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