My August Favourites

I have read so many ‘monthly favourites’ posts yet I have never written one myself. I do not think I could do this kind of post every single month but looking back at August (and summer in general), I sure think there are things I have absolutely loved. I have divded everything into three categories and in this post I will share some beauty, fashion and lifestyle favourites.


    • Cleanance Sunscreen spf 50+ by  Eau Thermale Avène

      I used to use this sunscreen 6-7 years ago when I was going to a dermatologist and was recommended to try it out. After I stopped going to the dermatologist I stopped using the sunscreen as well (more like it ran out and I never bothered getting a new one). I was not really happy with the sunscreen I have been using lately and with my skin breaking out so bad I was in desperate need of a new sunscreen and I decided to give this one another try. It is meant for oily and blemish-prone skin, which is just my skin type. If you have dry skin, for example, then this is not the product for you (but Eau Thermale Avène do sunscreens for different skin types). I use it every morning after I wash my face and I also use it underneath my makeup.

    • Rosewater for face & body by Machairas Monastery

      I wishhh I had a link for this one because it is probably my favourite product out of everything mentioned in this post! This rosewater is literally a lifesaver! I have struggled with acne for the past few years and for some weird reason, when I came back to Cyprus for the summer, my skin started breaking out like crazyyy. I still have no idea why this happened but I tried facemasks, changing up my skincare routine, my face wash, my moisturizer… and nothing was working. Until I found this little guy! I absolutely loved this thing from the first day I started using it. It is 100% natural, it is made up of 94.3% pure rosewater, 4.7% natural alcohol and 1% pure rose attar. I have oily skin and acne and this product has saved my life. When I am in Cyprus for the summer I cannot use my regular moisturiser because my skin gets wayyyy too oily. All I do now for my skin is wash it with my regular soap in the morning and then spray on some rosewater 3-4 times during the day. The alcohol has helped immensely with my acne, has helped clear up my skin and whenever I get a new spot I spray my face multiple times throughout the day and it disappears by the end of the day! The tiny amount of rose attar helps moisturise my skin just as much as I need it to, and it balances out the alcohol which helps dry out and almost ‘burn’ my acne scars. Wheather you struggle with acne or not, I would highlyyyyy recommend this product. You can get it at the Machairas Monastery or the village of Agros, or even try to make it yourself at home.

    • Fit me! Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation by Maybelline New York

      Another absolute favourite. My usual foundation had run out so I just went to a drugstore to find a cheap foundation and I came across this one. It feels so lightweight on the skin and even when I have it on I still feel like my skin can breathe. With that, it is definitely not a full coverage foundation but I it just what I like. I like that it covers my pores and blemishes while still looking rather natural. The actual product is amazing, it is affordable (I bought it for less than €10) and it comes in a number of different shades. The only thing I must add is that it does not actually give me a completely matte look. I think it might have to do with my skin type and the fact it gets so oily during the summer months. Either way, it is nothing a bit of powder cannot fix. I love this product and I think it will give me a matte finish in the winter months.

    • 3 L’imperatrice by Dolce & Gabbana

      I have actually had this perfume since May but I have only started using it frequently this month. It was a present from my lovely boyfriend, he bought it for me from the airport on our way to Paris (for my birthday!), which makes it so much more special. I do not like really heavy fragrances and I like fruity and sweet (but not too sweet) perfumes.  This fragrance to me, screams summer. It is an exotic summery and sweet fragrance and I would describe it as fun, young and romantic perfume. It reminds me a little bit of passion fruit and prickly pear so it is no surprise it reminds me so much of summer. I just absolutely love it! It is my favourite fragrance I have ever owned so far and funny enough I will like it also fits my personality. I do think that the fragrance you choose to wear is a very personal matter but if fruity and summer is your thing then definitely try it out when you get a chance.


  • Cat Eye Sunglasses (in the colour Lepoard+Red) by eBay

    Totally fake sunglasses that don’t even do the job they are meant to and protect your eyes from the sun rays. With that said, I love them and have worn them to death this month! I wasn’t sure if this style of cat eye sunglasses would be my thing so I thought I would get a cheap pair on eBay and try them out. I turned out to be totally my thing. I like how they look on my face, I find them fun and stylish and they go with almost all my outfits. They are the pair of sunglasses I reach for most frequantly and I could go as far as to say that they have replaced my go-to round Vogue sunglasses.

  • Straw Basket Bag

    I actually only bought this basket bag a few weeks ago but it is definitely an August favourite. It is handmade and I bought it for only €7. This style of baskets (especially with the combination of these three colours) are very traditional and super common here in Cyprus. Basket bags have been a huge trend this summer and when I saw this basket, I could imagine myself using it during the winter months as well. I love how tiny and cute it is and I like that it also has some darker colours. No, it is not the most practical bag, but I personally am used to holding my bags like that. I actually think it is an adorable little basket and besides using it as a fashion bag, I can also use it as an actual basket (which is what it is made for anyway). This is definitely my favourite purchase which I made in the month of August. I just I wish I would have bought it earlier so that I could use it more throughout the summer. Unfortunately, I do not have a link for this either but if you live in Cyprus you can find them very easily, especially in villages.

  • Petite Bardot Tile Print Swimsuit (on sale for £3!!!) by Boohoo

    This was easily my most worn swimsuit this summer. I bought it on sale for £5 and even though it was so cheap the quality of it is in fact very good. It does not have padding, which I prefer, and the fit of it is amazing. It is so cute, fun and summery. I like the off the shoulder cut, which is a swimsuit style I never owned before. I wasn’t too sure how comfortable this style would be, but it turned out to fit just fine. I am not sure I would recommend this swimsuit if you have larger breasts but for my body type, it works great. I also love the print of it, which reminds me so much of the beautiful Greek Islands! The colours of the swimsuit are a lot more vibrant in real life, compared to what they look like on the website, but this is something I was pleasantly surprised by. I was actually wearing this swimsuit in my last blog post so click here, or visit my instagram if you want to see how it looks on.



  • The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

    Nicholas Sparks is hands down, my favourite author. I don’t think there is anything he would write that I wouldn’t like. I discovered his work after watching the movie The Notebook and realised it was actually created based on his book. The Wedding is almost like a sequel of The Notebook only instead of being about Noah and Allie, it is about Jane (their daughter) and her husband Wilson (their son-in-law). Jane and Wilson have been married for 30 years and at the beginning of the book, Wilson admits that the romance has gone out of his marriage. If you know Sparks’ books then you know that he is a hopeless romantic, and so am I. I have not actually finished reading this book yet, but I have loved it so far and know who it is written by, I am sure I will love the ending as well.

  • Fashion Slave by Sophie Milner

    This has been my favourite blog to read for the whole month of August and I am pretty sure it will continue to be one of my faves. I only discovered Sophie Milner on  Instagram earlier this month and through her Instagram, I came across her blog. In just a few weeks I have read like half of her posts and this is one of the few blogs I made sure to keep up with during this month. I love her writing style, her ideas and fashion sense. All her posts are so real and unfiltered. Whatever she wants to say, she will say it no matter what, and I kind of love that about her. The blog is called Fashion Slave so it obviously focuses a lot on fashion, however, it is one of the best lifestyle blogs I have come across so far. I freaking love reading her work and I really look forward to her autumnal posts.

As I have never done this before, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂 If I have enough things to talk about, I might start doing this more often, for one month out of every season.


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