My Blog Is Turning 1 Year Old! Reflecting And Moving Forward.

“So wait, what exactly is a blog?”




  1. 1.

    a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.


  1. 1.

    add new material to or regularly update a blog.

    “it’s about a week since I last blogged”




  1. a person who regularly writes material for a blog.

    “food bloggers post a recipe on a particular theme”

For everyone asking what a blog is and what a blogger does, I just copied these definitions off of google. The simplest way I can put it: a blog is a website and a blogger is a person writing articles on that website.

I cannot believe it has already been one year since I started my very own blog! For a whole year now, I have had my own space online, where I can write about anything and everything my heart desires. Last summer, I was so incredibly excited about getting this blog going and as time went by I just loved it more and more. Since starting my blog I have had people asking me a lot of the same questions and while I didn’t know the answers to some of them when I first started, I feel like I do have the answers now. I have been wanting to answer these questions for a while now but I knew I wanted to think about them very well. After one year of having my blog, I still have soooo much to learn about blogging, the industry and where (and if) I belong in it, however, I am finally ready to answer these questions not only for you guys, my audience but for myself as well. 😉

“So are you a blogger now? And are you going to make this your fulltime job?”

Since launching my blog last August, I’ve had so many people asking if I am considered a “blogger”. I do not think that I can call myself a blogger yet and here’s why. I feel like this is very similar to being a dancer… it doesn’t mean that you can call yourself a dancer just because you used to take dance classes when you were in school and it doesn’t mean that you can call yourself a blogger just because you started a blog. By all means, do call yourself whatever you wish… but I, personally, think that I have to work very hard in order to be able to call myself a blogger. I feel like it is something I have to achieve through the work I will do over time. I am blogging and I do have a blog but I am not nearly ready to call myself a blogger yet. I love my blog, I love everything it represents and I love writing blog posts, however, I am not working towards making this a fulltime job. If this opportunity does arise in the feature, I will think about it, but as of right now this is not in my plans, whatsoever. I love blogging but for those who do not know, I also love dance. I have just graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance with a BA in Ballet Education a.k.a. I am a qualified Ballet Teacher and not only do I want to teach but I also want to dance. It feeds my soul and it makes me happy… just like this blog. I cannot choose between the two and I feel like I don’t even have to. I think it is very hard for one person to be complete just by doing a single thing. I do not even have a job as of right now but all I know is that I will continue to peruse dancing, teaching and blogging, being paid or not, and I am excited to find out where this will take me.

“So why exactly are you doing this? You are not making any money…”

No, I am not making any money off of my blog (not yet anyway) but I never started doing this for the money anyway. Honestly, I never even thought about the words “making money” and “my blog” in the same sentence, until people started asking me about it. I have loved writing from a very young age, I wasn’t particularly great at it, but I definitely enjoyed doing it and I have wanted to start my blog from around the age of 15 (I did it at 20… it didn’t take me thaaaat long, did it). As I already mentioned, I love writing and expressing myself through it. I also love the imagery and find fascinating how one picture can spark so many emotions and thoughts. My favourite place online is a website called WeHearIt, which I discovered back in 2010. It had nothing but small pictures in squares  (I know it may sound similar to Instagram but trust me it is very different) and it was literally my favourite website to go on. I just found it so inspirational, almost magical… every time I went on there it was as if my creativity switch was turned on and I still feel the same way to this day. That website made me love imagery so much and understand the power that a single picture holds. Being in love with writing and beautiful imagery, I decided to start my own blog because it combined, or shall I say, consisted of, two of my favourite things! I never started my blog with the hope, or even the idea, that it could provide an income. I solely started it so that I could have somewhere where I could be creative, put out my own work and spend time on something that brings me joy.  Money is completely out of the question and no one is ‘forcing’ me to do this. I will only quit blogging once it stops bringing me joy. It is as simple as that.

“Do people even read blogs anymore? Isn’t Instagram (and YouTube) the new thing?”

I have seen soooo many bloggers talking about this topic lately. I definitely think that Instagram and YouTube are absolutely huge right now but at the same time, I think that there really are people out there that read blogs. People still read books, so people do still read… so why not read blog posts? I can definitely see why people are saying that blogs are not as ‘big’ anymore because today people can get what they want just by scrolling through Instagram or sitting back and watching a video on YouTube. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and I do both, but I also read blogs and I think there is nothing out there that can replace them. The people that genuinely love blogs and love reading them, they will continue to do so even if they still enjoy content from other platforms. I follow ‘influencers’ / ‘content creators’ on many platforms and while I enjoy all of their content there isn’t one thing that can replace the other. I like their Instagrams, at the same time I love watching their videos and reading their blog posts. Blogs are where I, personally, find the most inspiration and I am sure there are more people like me out there. Blogs will not be ‘a thing’ forever, but they will still be ‘a thing’ for the years to come.

The highs, the lows… and what next?

I  definitely had plenty of highs and lows during this one year of having my blog. I feel like I started off really strong, focused and organised, and as I went back to London and uni started, I was suddenly all over the place. I did manage to write a few blog posts I am really proud of, but for the most part, I could not work on my blog and create the content I had in mind, while I was in uni. Not only was I busy but I also didn’t have anyone to help me take pictures and that is a pretty significant part of a blog post. As of right now, I have graduated and I am on holiday which should give me plenty of time to work on my blog, but I am still struggling sometimes. Moving forward, I want my goal to be to do one blog post per week and make it my best work. Ideally, I would like to post two to three times a week but I know that for me this is unrealistic and it is just not going to happen. One post per week, on the other hand, is definitely achievable. I really want to prepare and make sure that the same thing is not going to happen again this year… I don’t want it to be December and not have posted for almost two months. I already have some ideas as to what I want to work on in September and October and I literally brainstorm all the time! I want to dedicate some time every week when I just sit down and write and work on future posts. Knowing consistency is key, this is what I aim to achieve in the second year of blogging. Wish me luck!

Cheers to the blogging years to come!

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