Self-Love: a trend, a movement, the meaning.


I have noticed that for the past few years or so, the world has been obsessed with two little words: “self-love”. Having these two words appear literally anywhere and everywhere (in TV shows, movies, social media, adverts), it made me think twice about their meaning. I have loved myself but before this movement, I never actually thought about what these two words actually mean or represent. I think there is a fine line between loving yourself and being selfish and this society we live in, makes it very hard for us to find a balance. Being bombarded with this idea of “self-love” and the idea of “putting yourself first” becoming a trend, I think it has confused many of us and made us misinterpret the meaning of these words. If the only person you care about is yourself and loving yourself is your number one priority then you become selfish. If you do not give yourself any love and you do not take care of yourself then you become selfless. Neither being selfish or selfless is a good way to go about your life. You have to love yourself in order to love others. If the love you have towards yourself is pure and genuine then you will find the courage to care for others and will never become nor selfish or selfless.

Self-love really is a very personal matter so I am not writing this post to give you a definition of what it means. Exactly because it is a very personal matter, I have asked people to give me their idea of self-love and tell me what these two words mean to them. I wanted to share all these opinions in hopes of helping you create your own definition of self-love and not depend on other people to teach you how to love yourself.

“Self -love
Is so important to me , it’s all you have when you are tired and run down when your feeling ill. To me it’s taking a bath , painting my toenails pink , getting my nails done, making an all natural hair mask with eggs , honey , banana and olive oil , but most of all it’s about knowing my own body and when it’s talking to me when I’m moody and I check I didn’t have 8 hours sleep the night before.
It’s buying myself that chocolate bar when I’m on my period and I know it will get me through the day
It’s listening to slow jams when I’m feeling sad. Self- love is remembering you come first and you act on what you need and how you feel mind , body, for me hair, and soul 💕🤣😊

“Self love means respecting yourself! Allocating enough time everyday just for you whether it’s 10 minutes when you wake up to collect your thoughts or the last 10 minutes of the day. It’s knowing what you expect from others and knowing how to treat others as you want them to treat you …if you love yourself you are confident in what you are…..self love is giving yourself enough sleep time and knowing your limits…not abusing your body or mind …is treating yourself to something intellectual in order to keep your brain healthy …’s not listening to people moan or argue but loving yourself. The ability to treat yourself like your responsible to take care of.”

“Self-love for me is living with God close to my heart. He is always there for me to guide, to protect me. Self-love is leaving behind the darkness in my head and open my heart to The Lord. Self love is to follow the word of God who is telling me to not be afraid, to get rid of all my angriness, to not lie, to not use abusive language, to love my neighbor, to honor my body, to honor my husband and take care of children. This is self-love. And it’s so beautiful.”

“Self-love is self-respect. You need to learn to respect yourself as you should respect others. Self-love can be the tool for your personal achievements as long as you know to use it wisely!”

“To love yourself, is one of the most important things in life. I believe that all people should be able to show love towards themselves, to be able to live a happy life. For me, self-love means to feel beautiful, love my body, my face and everything I am. It means, to look in the mirror and feel perfect just the way I am. Taking care of yourself shows to you do care and love yourself. So continue to love yourself because if you cannot love yourself, how are you going to love someone else?”

“Για μένα σημαίνει:
Να συγχωρείς τον εαυτό σου.
Να ακούσεις τις ανάγκες του.
Να το επενεις για τις επιτυχίες του κ να νιώθεις περιφανή για αυτόν.
Να τον φροντίζεις.
Αυτό νομίζω προς το παρόν…”

“For me, self love is delegating time to yourself for personal attention – to do things for you, that you perhaps wouldn’t do on a daily basis without conscious effort. E’g. It can be from getting your nails done, to watching a good tv show, to doing a workout, to reading your bible.. just time for YOU to thoroughly enjoy and show yourself some affection and compassion – it’s recognising you need time to focus your energy inwards and fill your cup before pouring out to others – you can’t give what you haven’t got so you need to fill yourself first.”

These are only a few people’s ideas of self-love. You can agree with it 100%, you can disagree with it, or you can just take a few sections from each quote and create your own definition. I think it is so extremely important to know, within you, what these two little words mean. If you don’t… you will be a confused soul. You have to believe in these words and know what they represent for you, personally. You have to love yourself in order to be able to love others, and if you have love for others then you can never become selfish. Even if this post didn’t help you find your own definition of self-love, I sure hope it has kicked-off your journey to discovery.


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