Layer Your Jewellery For Beautiful Summer Looks (By Rinnovo Jewellery)

I have always liked jewellery, however, I was bearly wearing any. Even though I could find many pieces I liked, I just wasn’t sure how to wear them in a way that would fit my personal style. I have lately discovered how to layer my necklaces, rings and bracelets and have found a whole new way of accessorising my outfits. Dainty gold, silver or rose gold jewellery are huge at the moment and I am all about them, especially for the hot summer season. You can wear jewellery with an everyday casual look, at the beach, at pool parties and of course with your fabulous outfit when going on a night out.

I find that many people struggle with layering jewellery because they are not quite sure how to match different colours/styles of jewellery or accessories. Also, some people do not like to wear gold and silver jewellery together, which means that they can only wear one type of metal at a time. Personally, I am open to wearing any type of metals as long as I like the way they look together; which brings me to my golden rule when it comes to layering jewellery. In my eyes, layering jeweller is all about experimenting! Find a few pieces you absolutely love and then just play around with them. For necklaces, for example, try wearing a few different ones with different lengths. Try wearing your favourite chocker or collar necklace, add a slightly longer chain necklace and finally a long pendant necklace to finish off your look. Try stacking some of your favourite rings, play around with wearing them in different orders until you find one you absolutely love and make them your go-to accessories. Go bold with your earrings or if you have multiple earing holes, deck them out with little dainty ear cuffs, stud earrings or pearls.

In these pictures, I chose to wear a very simple outfit, in order to showcase the beautiful jewellery and give you guys a clear idea of how easy it is to spice up your outfits by layering your accessories. I chose a white shirt and a pair of jeans to be my blank canvas and layered simple, everyday pieces of jewellery to give my outfit a complete transformation. There is just something so fun, stylish and sexy about layering jewellery in the summer season. I genuinely think that jewellery has the power to spice up any outfit. If you do not like to experiment with different clothing styles and colours, finding a way to layer your jewellery will make all the difference in your outfits.

One of the biggest -if not the biggest- jewellery trends in Greece and Cyprus at the moment are the famous Constantinata (Κωνσταντινάτα). Constantinata were Byzantine, Venetian and Cypriot gold coins and are now most widely known as a type of Byzantine jewellery. Constantinata have recently become the most stylish jewellery for layering and whilst they are worn all year round, they are everywhere during the months of summer. In these pictures, I wore three different Constantinata necklaces to create a symmetric, layered look and I paired them with small gold hoops. I wanted to create a very basic and uncomplicated look but keep it fun and stylish at the same time and I think Constantinata are some of the best jewellery for creating such simple yet stylish combinations. While so on trend, you can get Constantina for a very affordable price but you can also get them in solid gold. They come in so many different styles and there is a huge variety in sizes and shapes. You can wear them as an everyday kind of jewellery and layer them with pieces you already own like gold chains or pendants.

Gold chains are the ultimate accessory for this season and I really look forward to styling them in the colder months as well. In the picture above, I wore a stunning, gold, meander (Μαίανδρος) chain, paired with a short pendant necklace. I love the ancient Greek vibes of the gold chain and in order to make my look a bit more fun, modern, and more ‘me’, I paired it with a dainty pendant with a natural pearl. While the two necklaces have very different styles, they look so lovely together. For earrings, I went with a pair which combined details from both necklaces. These earrings are adjustable and can be worn at different lengths, which worked great for this look. The earrings looked stunning in their long version with the pearl hanging just a few inches above my shoulder. However, with the necklaces I was wearing around my neck, they just did not look right, so instead, I wore them in a much shorter version which suited the whole look perfectly.

The rings I am wearing with this look, are some of the perfect kind of jewellery for layering. They are called spinning rings and are so stunning, with such an alternative style. They are kind of layered themselves and wearing three or four of them together, creates the perfect layered look. I absolutely love their design and love the idea of combining different coloured metals together. They are handmade and super customisable so you can choose your own design, choose the metals you like and make your own, unique layered ring. I really like how ‘chunky’ they are and how they give off a more edgy / rock vibe, especially when wearing a few of them together.

In the pictures above, I layered four different necklaces all at different lengths, some gold, some silver, and some with a mixture of the two metals which are all of the Phaistos Disc. To complete the look I wore a pair of thick silver hoops to match the silver of the necklaces. Wearing necklaces at different lengths and sizes, is one of the easiest ways to layer your jewellery and know that it will look great. So if you do not feel that confident with layering jewellery, start with this.

Wearing the same kind of jewellery with the Phaistos Disc, I went for a different look with less around my neck and more rings. I chose to wear two gold necklaces, a smaller and a bigger one, and I paired them with three matching rings (because I do love my rings) and a pair of modern gold earrings. Both looks are so different but really, I used very similar pieces of jewellery. Do not underestimate all the amazing looks you can create with just a few good pieces! Also, the Phaistos Disc is so on trend right now and it only gets more popular over time. It is a beautiful piece of jewellery which can so easily be layered with other pieces you already own to complete a fun, boho look. It comes in necklaces, earrings and rings, in all sorts of sizes and different metals. Scroll down to get a closer look.

All the jewellery I am wearing in these pictures are from a local jewellery shop here in my hometown, Rinnovo Jewellery Shop (there is one shop in Chloraka and a brand new one in the Old Town Centre near Hani of Ibrahim). They have some amazing jewellery for everyday wear, at really good prices, as well as beautiful luxury jewellery at a different price range. If you are interested in having a unique piece of jewellery custom-made for a special someone (or yourself), visit their website which is linked below. Also, all the jewellery I am wearing in the pictures can be made with different metals and in any size you desire.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this post and have loved the beautiful jewellery as much as I have. Remember, there are no rules you have to follow when it comes to styling your own outfits. Just get creative, try different things and eventually, you will find some combinations you absolutely love. Once you do, accessorising your outfits will be a piece of cake. You can wear the simplest little dress or even a pair of jeans with a bandeau top, and make it look absolutely fabulous just by layering the right jewellery. I hope my post gave you inspiration and ideas on how to layer your own jewellery and take your summer outfits to the next level. 😉


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