3 Quotes To Live By

Words have an immense amount of power. In my language, we have a saying about how you can break bones with your tongue = you can truly hurt someone with your words. While words have the power to ‘break bones’ and bring people down they also have to power to do exactly the opposite. It all depends on the words you choose and how you use them. Words can inspire people and give them power and hope during their darkest times, while they can also glorify the best times. In this post, I decided to share three of my favourite phrases/quotes which I could describe as my life mottos.


I believe that deep down everyone is a dreamer and everyone wants to make the world a better place. I think that what people don’t realise is that you do not need an army of people to actually make a small change to this big world we live in. People forget the immense amount of power that they have as individuals. If you feel like a little drop in the ocean, don’t forget that the ocean is made up of little drops of water and you are significant to its existence. Instead of complaining about all the things that people around you are doing wrong, you should start doing them right. You have to be the example of what you wish to see the rest of the world doing. YOU have to be the first person to make that change and then other people will follow. I cannot explain how immensely important this is!!! We should never underestimate ourselves and the power our actions hold. If everyone thought “I am only 1 person. I do not have the power to make a change…” then there would be no change, ever. Everything starts with ONE person. Let that person be YOU. Choose your actions wisely, choose your lifestyle and your beliefs and stick to them. Be proud of who you are and how you are doing things because you are significant. When you stay true to what you believe, you will find like-minded people and while as individuals you are tiny little drops of water, together you become a significant part of the ocean and one day you might even become the whole ocean.

“LOVE NEVER FAILS” – 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

This phrase is taken from the bible and in my eyes, it is there to remind us that God’s love for us will never fail and that God will never fail us. God is Love and whether or not you believe in God, you should definitely believe in the power of love. The word love does not only refer to romantic love but the way I see it, it represents kindness and wholeheartedness and it is the only thing that should fill our hearts and rule our brains. I am such a strong believer in love in all sorts of ways! I believe that if people had just a little more love in their hearts, then the world would be a happier place. Remember to love with all your heart because when you give love, only then you can feel complete on the inside. Love can never run out because it comes from within, so always offer it generously and be open to receiving it as well. Don’t give love, to get it back in return. Give love because it will bring you peace.


Whenever something happens in our lives that is either negative, out of our control or just not in our plans, we always ask the question “WHY did this happen?”. Why this… why me… why now… Well, guess what? Every single thing that happens in your life, it happens for a reason. Even if something horrible happens, it will have something very important to teach you; perhaps a lesson you will carry with you for the rest of your life. If life doesn’t go the way we plan it, there is a reason for that! Things don’t work out because maybe something better is on the horizon or maybe because the timing we chose for something was just bad. If you have to question certain situations, only do it in order to learn a lesson and gain something positive from them. Just know that nothing bad happens in our lives for no reason, or simply to bring us sadness. It happens because it has a greater cause that is to teach us a life lesson. Learn from it and move on, happier and stronger than ever.

These are some ‘words of wisdom’ I choose to live by and they have served me very well so far. I hope you find some inspiration in these words and see your life from a different perspective. If you have any encouraging words you would like to share please do leave them in the comments below and share love, hope and all the other good stuff.

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