What I Wore In Greece: Holiday Lookbook

This past Sunday I got back from a cruise around some (beautiful) Greek islands. It was my first time going on a cruise and I absolutely loved it! I definitely want to do it again. I am proud to say that for the cruise I packed really light, considering I was allowed to take a 23kg suitcase but only used only half of it. I packed two pairs of long jeans (which I ended up needing a lot because it was so cold inside the boat), three pairs of shoes plus two pairs of heels (that I didn’t end up wearing, unfortunately), two swimsuits, a few tops, one maxi and one mini skirt, a dress and two pairs of denim shorts. Even though I tried to plan out my outfits, I wasn’t exactly prepared for the chilly nights on the boat so I ended up re-wearing many of my ‘warmer’ clothes. Even though my ‘holiday outfits’ didn’t go exactly as planned, I still thought it would be a good idea to put together this post and share some of the outfits that I did end up wearing and share some outfit ideas with you guys or give you some inspiration to piece together your own holiday outfits.

On Day 2 of the cruise, we went to Patmos. A very small island but oh so pretty! That day I wore my favorite pair of high waist vintage jeans -which you will see a lot of in this post-, a nay blue floral bodysuit from Bershak and a white oversized shirt which I left unbuttoned. For shoes, I went with my seagrass flip flops. To complete the look I wore a pair of oversized hoops and of course my round little sunglasses. I got so much wear out of that white shirt. I wore it over my swimsuit as a coverup, with jeans buttoned up all the way or tied in a knot at the front. It is an item I would definitely describe as a staple and what’s also so great about it, is that you can layer it.

As I already mentioned, the evenings were really chilly hence why you can see my wearing these jeans, again. That night, I wasn’t feeling like dressing up too much but I didn’t want to be super casual either, so I went for something in between. I paired my basic, casual jeans with a bright orange shirt from H&M. The turtleneck and the little frilly details of the shirt made it more dressy and more evening appropriate (plus the long sleeves kept me warm LOL). To match sleek low pony and the turtleneck, I wore those same oversized hoops. To complete my look, I wore my beige Zara sandals. I find that the fluffiness of feathers makes them more than just a flat pair of sandals, it makes them versatile and  I can easily dress them up or down.

Day three of the cruise and we arrived at Volos around 10:00a.m. and we had the whole day to spend there before departing at 2:30a.m. the next morning! For this outfit, I wore one of my favourite summer pieces of my wardrobe which is this pink, satin, maxi skirt from Mango. I wanted to wear something really flowy and loose and that skirt was just perfect. For the top, I wore a beige-ish oversized t-shirt and I also had with me my Glamorous embroidered denim jacket. For shoes, I went with the same cute Zara sandals and I also wore my rose gold mirror sunglasses.

Another very casual evening outfit. That night, I was going to go to the cinema room after dinner to watch a movie and I remember it was super cold in there because of the aircondition so I tried to put together the warmest outfit I could, with the clothes I had with me. It wasn’t easy, but I survived haha. The jeans I am wearing were a present from my godmather fromSimply By Maria Landa and they just fit like a dream. They are stretchy, sooo comfy and fit so nice around the waist and the thighs. The cuts on the knees and the detail on the ankles make them so fun and great for a chilly summer night! I paired these jeans with a cropped, leopard print, sweater from Zara and my fave lace-up Greek sandals.

Wearing my vintage high waist jeans, once again. 😛 This was our last full day on the cruise and we went to Symi, a tinyyy little Greek island. It had the prettiest, most colourful buildings, some of which you can see in the background, and it actually looked like a painting. It was seriously sooo pretty and nothing like I had seen before. On the downside, it was crazy expensive, especially compared to other places in Greece which most are very very cheap when it comes to food and drinks. For our little stroll around the island, I paired my jeans with this adorable yellow top and my seagrass flip flops. I wore my cat eye sunglasses and the only bag that I took with me on the cruise (besides my beach bag) which used to be my mum’s a few moons ago.

I know I love to read this kind of posts, especially when if I have a trip coming up, so I hope you guys will like it too and find some inspiration from my outfits. If you have a blog of your own and happen to come across this post, please do leave your blog below so I can check it out.


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