How To Avoid Overpacking

As I am packing my bags and getting ready for a family holiday, I realise how easy it can be to over pack for your holiday. If you are traveling via airplane then you will most probably have a weight limit for your suitcase which means you want to make the best use of both space and weight. If you do not have a weight/space limit then it means that you could take half of your wardrobe with you. Honestly, though, I would not advise that! Not only will your suitcase be a huge mess and you will not be able to find half of the things you are looking for, but when you come back from holiday you will have to unpack allll those clothes, separate them, wash them and then put them away (and we all know that is not pretty sight). In order to avoid that chaos, you have to do your best to avoid over-packing your suitcase and there are a few different ways to do that.

1. Plan out your outfits according to your days. Instead of just packing a bunch of random pieces of clothing and thinking “Oh I’ll just put together my outfits when I get there..” (WORST decision ever), plan your outfits for every single day that you will be on holiday. Put together a morning and an evening outfit for each day if necessary and know that you have packed exactly enough outfits to get you through your holiday. That does not only go for clothes. Planning out your outfits means planning out what you are going to wear from head to toe, including jewelry, hair accessories, socks, underwear, swimsuits… literally everything. That may sound crazy to some of you, however, if every little detail of your outfit is planned out it will be so easy to choose your outfits while on holiday, you will know exactly what you want to wear each day and how you are going to style it, and all that without bringing with you half of your closet!

2. Pack staple pieces instead of statement pieces. The best thing to do, to make sure that you are not stuffing your suitcase with useless staff, is to pack basic items of clothing that you know you can re-wear different ways. For example, instead of packing a supper distressed pair of bright pink trousers, pack two pairs of basic blue denim jeans. As lovely as the pink trousers are, you will only be able to wear them once maybe twice but that’s it. However, if you pack plan denim jeans, you will be able to wear them again and again simply by changing up what you are wearing at the top. Oh, and the same goes for shoes! Instead of packing six pairs of shoes for a five-day holiday (which is something I do and I am NOT proud of -.-), pack your favourite sandals, a pair of flip flops, a pair of heels and perhaps a pair of trainers as well, if you have activities planned. There is no need to pack four pairs of heels because the chances of you wearing all four pairs are very very low!

3. Last but not least, do NOT go overboard with the ‘extras’. Yes, you are going on holiday which means that you are leaving the comfort of your own home. It is only clever that you pack one or two extra swimsuits, extra underwear and perhaps a few extra tops but leave it there. If you plan out your outfits for each day and still pack five more extra outfits, then you defeat the whole purpose! I know it is tempting and I know you think “Oh but what if I need this… and that… and that…” but if you keep thinking that way then you will certainly overpack! You have to stick to packing what you are actually going to need and a very small amount of extras. Do not start thinking “I will pack this just in case…” because that does not work. Trust me, I talk from experience.🙄

I haven’t done any research on it but I bet at least 50% of women, overpack their suitcases when they go on holiday. I mean it’s probably in our nature… we just like to be prepared I guess. I am still not quite sure what it is exactly that makes us feel like we have to take our whole closet with us on holiday, but I know it has to stop (for me anyway). If you are on the same boat, I really hope you found this post helpful!


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