What I Keep In My Beach Bag

I am pretty sure that people who live in hot countries and live near the beach have their ‘beach essentials’ down, however, I think this post will be particularly helpful for all of you that live in a colder climate and really anyone that is preparing for their summer vacation. πŸ˜‰

The first thing I have in my beach bag and the only thing I can truly call a “beach essential” is, of course, sunscreen! I carry with me a little sunscreen cream for my face with an SPF 50 and then a sunscreen spray with an SPF 30 for my body. I also bring with me a baby oil spray, which is amazingggg for tanning but I avoid using that if I am at the beach for a really long time. The last skincare item that I keep in my beach bag, is a face mist to refresh and hydrate my skin.

The next thing I always take with me to the beach is a beach towel and I often bring a beach mat with me as well, especially if I am going to a beach that doesn’t have sunbeds (or if I just don’t feel like paying for one). A pair of sunglasses and preferably a pair I would not mind getting wet, covered in sunscreen or sand. More often than not, I also like take with a beach hat. Mostly because they are super stylish but they are also great at blocking the sun and protecting my eyes. πŸ˜‚

Sunglasses and sunscreen are things that we all think to take with us when we are going to the beach. Besides them, there are three more things that I personally consider essentials and I must have in my beach bag. Number 1: a GIANT bottle of water. The sun and the salty water just makes me so thirsty and it’s like the inside of my body gets sooo dehydrated. So a huge bottle of cold cold water is absolutely a must; I consider it just as important as sunscreen. Number 2: tissues. This may seem kind of random but the salty water ALWAYS gives me a runny nose and from experience, I have learned that I totally have to keep a pack of tissues in my beach bag. Number 3: any sort of snack.

Again this is more of a personal thing but going to the beach makes me so hungry! I always bring with me either some fruit or a cereal bar and I’ll even bring with me a sandwich if I know I will be there for a while. Usually, I’ll just take with me whatever I can find in the fridge but when I have the option I love to bring with me cherries, figs or nectarines and my absolute favourite bars: Nakd cocoa orange. When packing snacks, stay away from anything that is a hassle to eat and definitely anything that melts easily like chocolate bars. Being in the sand is already messy enough, you do not want to make it even messier. πŸ˜…

I always keep in my beach bag a pair of headphones because I just love listening to music while sunbathing. I also like to take with me a book to read while I am at the beach. I do not always read at the beach, but should I want to, I  like to have the option. I think it’s always a good idea to bring some sort of entertainment with you at the beach and if you are going with friends a beach ball or beach rackets are a great option!

Summer is finally here and I am so ready for the beach! Let this be an amazing summer season. 🏝


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