How To Document Your Life: Memories & Feelings

I am only 21 yet I find that I tend to forget so easily. I have made so many amazing memories and I hate forgetting all those good times. From big adventures like visiting a place across the world, to the simplest things, like going for a coffee with a good friend… these memories are all equally important to me so I do my best to find ways to keep all those memories alive. We live life and the days go by and we just get so caught up in our routine that we simply forget all the amazing memories you have stored somewhere in our little brains. I have found that even if I have a receipt to look at, it will instantly remind me of that day and that’s all it takes to bring all those beautiful feelings back to life. It is not about what we did or where we went, it is about how those moments made us feel. I am not worried about forgetting the moments, I am worried about forgetting the feelings. Our entire lives are based memory and for me, it is so incredibly important to do little things, that will help me keep those feelings alive.

There are so many ways to document things these days and we are so lucky to have the technology that we do. Besides using technology there are also great old-school ways to document our memories. No matter where you are in the world or what resources you have, if you want to, you will find a way to keep the good memories alive.

1. Take pictures – This is probably the most common thing that we do when we think about documenting moments in our life. Take pictures on your camera and take pictures on your phone! Don’t worry about getting the perfect shot and just snap away. Take silly pictures and take pictures of the people you are with, the place you are at and what you are doing there. Not once in my life did I say, “Oh why did I take so many pictures?!” but the one thing I did say was that I didn’t take enough!

2. Film/take videos – Again, whether it is on a good camera or just your smartphone, film stuff, as much as can. Nothing feels more real than a video. Watching back on old videos from your childhood is one of the best feelings, and it’s not only fun because you see how little you were but it’s also fun because you see how much your parents have changed and you see how they looked in their mid-20s, a time you have no recollection of, because you were so young. Sometimes I look back on videos that I only filmed a year ago and they make me realise that if it wasn’t for those short clips, I would have forgotten those amazing memories, completely. If you have young children in your life, THE BEST thing you can do is film them because those are the best years and they are so easily forgotten. Film clips when you go on holiday when you have a celebration or even on a normal ‘boring’ day because in a few years time you would give anything to watch that ‘boring’ day just hanging out with the family at home. I have always loved filming, not in a professional way, I just loved how well a video could capture feelings. I even bought a camera with my birthday money one year but considering how fast technology is evolving, it soon became outdated. Nevertheless, I kept filming stuff on my phone and earlier this year I edited my first ever vlog. Best decision ever; I promised myself I will make time to edit more vlogs this year!

3. Use social media – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and whatever else it is that you like to use… I know these days people say that we spend too much time on social media or that we post on there every little thing that we do. I can totally see where they are coming from and I have learned that a picture taken with a camera cannot capture the true beauty of the real moment, but it is enough to wake up the memory in your hearts. No one likes that person that goes out for a coffee and has to instragram every little thing so in this situation, balance is key. I do not shove my phone in my friends’ faces everytime we meet up but I do like to take a few snapchats or insta-stories while I am with them so that even 3 months later, I can scroll through my social media, see a single picture and just remember all the amazing things we did that day and all the fun we had. Just like that, by looking at an old picture I posted for 24hours on my social media account, I can re-live a moment and all the beautiful feelings that came with it.

4. Write a diary – This has to be the most old-school out of all, however, no one can go wrong with writing a diary. Whether you like to write in a cute little notebook using a pen, or just type away on your computer, writing down your memories and your feelings is one of the best things you can do to document some of the best times in your life. A picture is what it is and then you can interpret what you see on it. Writing, however, allows you to write about your memories in detail and express your feelings, so that whenever you open up that notebook to read what you were doing on a random day 3 years ago, all the emotions are right there in front of you, ready to be re-lived.

5. Keep little reminders – Whenever we go on holiday we all like to buy little things to remind us of the place we visited. There is nothing wrong with that, but fridge magnets and postcards are not what I am talking about. I like to keep things like tickets, receipts or the wrapping paper of stuff, and then write little notes on them like the date, the place and a little sentence about what I did that day. This is definitely something that will not work for everyone but if you like the sound of it then I strongly encourage you to. You can get a little box to keep all your little reminders in there and it will soon turn into your own little treasure box (how cool).


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