How To Transform Old Clothes: Thrift Shop Edition

Think about this: the only reason we buy new clothes is because we get bored of our old ones. 99% of the times we go shopping, we buy things we like and want but not that we actually need. So, if we are treating shopping more like a hobby/activity/something to do for fun, why not go thrift shopping as well? I am a firm believer in the saying “One Woman’s Trash Is Another Woman’s Treasure”. We get rid of our perfectly good clothes because we are just bored of them… and many other women do exactly the same. I understand that wearing second-hand clothes will not be everyone’s cup of tea but I am 100% okay with it. In fact, I absolutely love thrift shopping because in shops like that you find the coolest stuff for the cheapest prices!

Also, I absolutely love playing around with different clothes and trying new things. Sometimes I might be hesitant to try something on my own clothes, just in case they turn out ugly. In thrift shops, however, I can find clothes for so cheap which means I can experiment with them without worrying if they get ruined.

High Waisted Vintage Shorts:

This amazing pair of denim shorts… I bought them almost 2 years ago from a charity shop just around the corner from my house for either €1 or €2. Awesome right? When I bought them they were long jeans but as the waist fitted perfectly and they were SO cheap I thought I had to buy them and just try to make them work. After I watched a bunch of videos on YouTube on how to cut jeans into shorts and distress them, I got a pair of fabric scissors and I did my magic LAUGHING FACE. To my surprise, they turned out amazing! I did cut them slightly shorter than I would have liked but they were still amazing. I have now had them for over 4 years and they are probably my favourite pair of denim shorts.

Replay Vintage Jeans:

Honestly, if not my favourite, these are in my top-3 favourite and most worn jeans. I bought them from that same thrift shop close to my house. They are original Replay jeans, truly amazing quality (nothing like the jeans we buy these days) and for them, I paid €2. Luckily, the waist just fitted my body perfectly, they were just a bit too long and baggy around the ankles (something very easily fixed). I took them to a lovely tailor lady that often fixes a lot of my clothes and I asked her to make them shorter so that they would reach just where my ankle is, and also make them a little tighter from the mid-calf down. I do not remember exactly how much she charged me for that, but it was definitely no more than €5. Overall, these jeans have cost me no more than €7, they are amazing quality, have a great fit and I have turned out to be one of my favourite pairs.

High Waisted Khaki Shorts:

Similar to the other shorts, these khaki shorts were actually long trousers which I just cut into shorts. Again, I bought these for €2 and the waist fit was just perfect for my body. I cut them into shorts, as I know I would get a lot more wear out of them that way. I just sort of distressed the ends after I cut them, and that is pretty much all I did on them. I love how the waist is fitted but then it is nice and loose around the thighs. The overall fit is just great and again for €2, I could not really go wrong.

If you want to get inspiration and watch some awesome tutorials on how to transform your clothes check out Coolirpa a.k.a. thrift queen. Also, if you would like to hear a little more about the problem of pollution caused by the fashion industry and find out more ways in which you can help, check out this Ted Talks video.

If you decide to experiment with any of your clothes I would truly love to see a picture of how they turn out and please feel free to leave a comment below if you liked this kind of posts.


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