What To Do With Your Unwanted Clothes

A while back I watched this video called You Are What You Wear that talked about the fashion industry and how polluting it is. Even though an affordable pair of jeans costs you around €35 it costs a lot more to the environment as a huge amount of natural resource is required to ‘produce’ a single pair of jeans! Have you thought that the reason the fashion industry is so polluting is that we buy everything and anything they sell to us? We buy way more than what we need and we just throw away clothes in amazing condition just because we want to make room in our closet for other, newer clothes. How ironic…

Throwing your old clothes in the trash, it is no longer an option. Keep reading and find environmentally friendly ways to get rid of your unwanted clothes.

Option 1 – Donate:
Donate any unwanted clothes to your local charity shop. And if there is a charity shop near my house (FYI I live in Paphos) then there is one near yours for sure!! Or if you prefer, donate your clothes to an organisation like Red Cross or any other organisation you wish to support. That way your old clothes can be sold to someone else and raise money for an important cause or they can be sent directly to people in need, refugees and other people that actually need them.

Option 2 – Sell:
If your clothes are in a really good condition and you just don’t feel like giving them away then sell them and make yourself some money as well. You can sell your clothes on websites such as Preloved (for UK residents), Bazaraki (for Cyprus residents) or even Ebay and Amazon where you can sell your clothes worldwide if you wish to. You can also use applications such as Depop, Carousell, ThredUP or sell your clothes to second-hand stores around your area. You won’t get as much money but it is better than nothing right? So do a little research and see what works for you.

Option 3 – Recycle:
If your clothes are not in the best condition because you have actually made the most use out of them, then recycle them.

We, the consumers, are the ones with the power. We are the ones that give power to the fashion industry to do what they do. Fashion is really an amazing industry and I love shopping as well as dressing up. For many people, it is an art form and a creative outlet and I believe that amazing things can be achieved through fashion. However, our planet and our environment have to be number one in our priorities. We should first protect our planet and then move onto anything else!

I hope this post made an impact on the way you see the fashion industry in relation to our planet and the environment. The above are some great ways in which you can get rid of any old clothes that you do not wish to keep in your wardrobe anymore and I encourage you to start recycling (including selling or donating) today!!!




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