My In-Flight Essentials

I went on my first flight when I was about 5 years old and I have always loved going on planes ever since. I am the type of person that loves to feel comfortable and, at home, wherever I am. So I like to make the most of my travel days and make myself feel as comfortable and cosy as possible when I am on a plane. If you are the same, or if you actually want to make yourself feel more comfortable during a flight, then this post will hopefully help you. ✈️✨

#1 I simply must start off my list with these three very important items: tissues, antibacterial wet wipes and hand sanitiser. Aeroplanes and airports are so dirty which means I must have these on-hand whenever I am travelling. You could always wash your hands with soap and water but in this case, it will not be enough. As soon as I get comfortable in my seat, I like to clean my hands with a wet wipe and before having my meal/snack I have to use sanitizer to make sure my hands are actually clean enough to touch my food. I am not really a germaphobe but when you are going to be around so many people and touch so many dirty surfaces, it is just common sense that you should take precaution. Also, having these in your bag means that you can reach for them at any time and do not have to get out of your seat to go all the way to the bathroom. Pretty products by any brand will get the job done, however, my favourite hand sanitiser is the Coconut Hand Cleanse Gel body Shop.

#2 Depending on which airline you are flying with, you will be offered a complimentary meal and if not you will have the option to purchase a meal on board. I am a rather picky eater but I do love to eat so whenever I travel I simply must have with me some snacks! The food at airports is always overpriced and even more so on the planes. Plus, the food/snack options on board are very limited so I like to go there prepared. Before I board the plane I will get a sandwich and a few other snacks, like a pack of crisps, a chocolate bar or some fruit, to take with me on the plane. Sometimes I might even bring with me something that I have prepared from home. That away I never go hungry during a flight, plus eating is something to do to pass the time.😋

#3 Any form of entertainment is absolutely necessary for a flight (especially a long one). Sometimes I will take with me the book that I am currently reading or even buy a magazine from the airport to keep me entertained. I also LOVE watching movies so, before a flight, I make sure that I charge my laptop and get some good movies or series on there to keep me busy. Another thing I like to do is work on my blog, especially if I have to prepare a specific blog post that is going up soon. I like to either write posts or edit pictures or even just brainstorm and think of ideas for future posts. There are really not many distractions on a plane, so I usually try to take advantage of that and really devote some time to my blog. If I have uni deadlines coming up / work I have to get done, then I will occasionally do uni work however that really depends on my mood. Last but not least, I absolutely love just listening to music; that alone can really keep me entertained for even the whole flight.

#4 Going with the previous point of entertainment, one thing I definitely need to have with me during a flight is my headphones/earphones. Sometimes airlines will be able to offer you a pair and they do get their job done but they are never as good. I like to just have my own pair, block out all the noise and enjoy my music or whatever else I might be listening to.

#5 This will not be for everyone, but I like to take my shoes off during a flight and just feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Therefore what I like to do is bring with me a pair of warm fuzzy socks to keep me nice and cosy. I will also bring with me an extra layer, whether it will be a thin cardigan or a hoodie because I find that aeroplanes tend to get a bit chilly.

#6 I pretty much never wear makeup during a flight, however, my skin still gets very dry and after a while, it just feels like it can’t breathe. What I like to do about that, is take with me some facial wipes, some sort of a micellar cleansing water or any other cleansing product and of course a moisturising face cream and sometimes I even take with me a moisturising eye cream. I usually use these products in the middle or towards the end of the flight so that by the time I get off the plane my skin feels nice and moisturised and it can breathe again. What I have been using lately is either the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water or the Clinique Take The Day Off Make Up Remover, for a moisturiser I use the Simple L/Edition Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser and I also use facial wipes from the same brand, which are the Simple Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial which are actually my favorite facial wipes I have ever tried. I also HAVE to have with me a lip balm, because just like my skin, my lips also get very dry during a flight as well. My favourite lip balm, that I have only just discovered about 1 month ago is the Carmex Lip Balm Moisture Tube.

#7 I always like to have with me some gum or breath spray to refresh my breath and a small bottle of body fragrance again to just refresh myself. I know that people even take with them “travel size” toothbrushes and that is definitely something I would take with me a for a longer flight. If you are looking for one, check out this Banale Travel Toothbrush and Paste Set.

#8 This last one, is not really that much of an essential for me, but it is a neck pillow/cushion. I can totally sleep on a plane and yes, a neck pillow makes it much easier and a much better experience, however, I find that can I always just use my scarf or my jacket as a pillow. The only reason that I do not really use one that much is because it takes up space in my suitcase and if I do not put it in my suitcase then it means I just have to carry it around throughout the whole day and to me that is a pain. If I am travelling with company then I am more likely to use one because I know I will have help with my luggage and bags etc. If you struggle getting comfortable in your seat and find it difficult to take a nap on a plane, then I would totally recommend getting one.

These are my top travel essentials, and pretty much what I carry with me in my airport bag. If there are any products you cannot live without during a flight, then leave a comment below so I can check them out. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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