What I Bought During January Sales

I did some shopping in the last few weeks and I took advantage of some January Sales so I thought it would be nice to share my purchases here on the blog. I believe the equivalent of this would be a YouTube Haul but a) I do not do YouTube (yet 😝 ) and b) I wanted to try and put this post together to see how well it would work on my blog. If you like it then I will make sure to do more in the future.

I will make sure to include prices of the things I bought as well as the store I got them from. I will also try to add links to everything or find some similar versions. For the most part, I bought clothes but there are some other random things included in this post because I did buy them on sale these past few weeks.

Starting off with some orders I placed online: Stradivarius, Boohooand Missguided.
I really wanted to buy some more ‘comfy clothes’ like leggings or sweats but I did not want them to be workout clothes so this is what I was mainly looking for when shopping on those sites.

From Stradivarius, I got a pair of grey tracksuit bottoms (a bit oversized but very comfortable) for £5.99 and I also got an amazing pair of leggings again for £5.99. What a bargain right?! The leggings were in this beautiful purple-ish colour and the material had a shine that reminded me of the disco pants, that was super in style a couple of years ago, only they are more matt compared to those pants. Those leggings were in the most amazing colour (I did not own any other bottoms in that colour) have the perfect amount of shine and the best part of all, they have an amazing fit. What more could a woman ask for from her leggings?

From Boohoo I got a very cute pair of stone coloured joggers with frilled hems. The material of them was rather thin but that did not really bother me because I only got them for £6 and their colour and overall style is just so spring-summer so I do not think I will be wearing in winter anyway. The other thing I got from Boohoo, was a pair of pink/rose velvet leggings for £6. They were described as “trousers” on the website however they definitely fit a lot more like leggings; they are just made from a thicker material. That purchase was actually rather disappointing because they looked really nice online, the colour is beautiful and the material feels really nice but the fit is just not good, at all. I am not sure if it is because I should have gotten a smaller size but the fit was baggy all around my knees, it made my legs look a lot bigger than they are in real life and the crotch area had the worst fit. If you are wondering, I kept them. I did not want to go through all the hassle of returning them since they were so cheap. Afterall, their colour is amazing and I feel like I could get away with wearing them with a super oversized t-shirt/t-shirt dress.

From Missguided I got a super cute, oversized, graphic t-shirt in a beautiful light blue/grey colour, for £6. I tried to find it again on the website to link it here but unfortunately, it is out of stock. 🙁 The next thing I got was a bodycon, mini, yellow skirt. I don’t really like wearing very short skirts (dresses or shorts) but this one was only £4 and the idea of a yellows skirt, paired with the t-shirt I mentioned above, seemed great. The material of the skirt is very thin but with a pair of seamless underwear and a slightly longer top, it looks great! I absolutely loved the colour and again I did not own anything that yellow so I was excited to add that to my wardrobe. It is definitely a summer skirt so I cannot wait for the warmer months. (I have found a skirt with the exact same description, which I will link on the blog but just keep in mind that this colour seems more like mustard yellow to me however the skirt I got was a much brighter shade of yellow). The last thing I got from Missguided was a pair of green, high-waist, lace-up joggers for £8. I have only had them for about two weeks and I have already worn them so much. I absolutely love the colour, the fit is amazing and the quality is great. Could not recommend them more.

The last thing I bought online was a pair of pointy, velvet, sock-boots from Public Desire for £9.99. It was a pair of boots I have had my eye own since November, they were £39.99 and I knew they would most probably go on sale and they did. I am pretty sure it was only a flash-sale for a couple of days so I can admit I was very lucky about that one. The shoes are still available (in black and grey as well) at their normal price, £39.99.

From TK Maxx, I bought this marble-like pair of cat eye sunglasses for £12. I believe they were by the brand Quay. They are such a statement piece without being over the top and they will be really easy to style with any outfit because they are mainly just white a grey.

From Accessorize a made two very glittery purchases. I bought the cuttest little crossbody bag for £5.10 and to go with that I bought a glittery phone case for £2. I could not find the phone case online so I linked a very similar one.

From H&M I bought a beautiful floral jumpsuit, for £7!! That is definitely a more spring piece but it was a bargain so I do not mind keeping it in my wardrobe until March. The material is great, the print is amazing and I love the whole design of it as well. Unfortunately it as a very weird fit on my body. It hugs the body nicely but on me, it fits as if I have very short legs so there is just excess material the crotch area. I am not an expert but I believe a tailor could easily fix that. That jumpsuit is too beautiful to go to waste!

I got a few things from Primark but unfortunately, I could not find them online. Before I get into more detail, Primark is a very affordable clothing company that has stores mainly across the U.K. and in Europe. So from Primark, I got a pair of black sequence ankle boots for £3. Yes, £3 (they were on sale of course). I have not yet worn them out but they feel pretty comfortable, they look great and they also have a very fun ‘hexagon’ heel which I love. The next thing I bought was also £3, and it was a pink and beige check print jumper. I had bought the same exact jumper in a different colour just before Christmas and I wore it so much. The quality is actually pretty good and it is so warm. I also loved the oversized fit of it (however I did buy it in a Large) so when I found the same jumper in pink and on sale for £3 I really wanted to get it. The last things I bought from there, were a pyjama set with a matching robe. Again they are definitely more for spring and summer but I have never owned anything like that and I absolutely loved the material and print of that set so I bought it! They were £12 altogether.

I must admit, I am very proud of myself. I contained myself and barely spend £100 on everything I bought. Overall, it was a successful sale season for me.

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Make sure to come back to the blog next week for more posts and let me know if this is something you would like me to do for other seasons.

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