Christmas Gift Ideas Under €20

It is now only four days until Christmas and I cannot wait! I know many friends and family members have are still trying to get all their Christmas shopping done so I thought this is the perfect time to do a gift-guide for some last minute Christmas shopping on a budget.

For all the women in your life that love to take care of themselves. 🙂 Most women will love anything from makeup, to body washes, moisturisers, nail polishes, scrubs, bath bombs and bath salts… and list can go on forever. I got some really good deals from Body Shop for my mum and sister so that is a store worth going into. Below you can find some more option below. Click on the images for direct links to the products.

Books are some of the best ideas for presents. There are so many books out there that it is impossible not to find a good book that you know your friends will love. There books about EVERY topic: fashion, photography, makeup, cooking, baking, health and lifestyle, sports… And of course there are also books for people that simply love to read: romance, science fiction, horror etc. The Book Depository (free delivery worldwide) and Amazon are two of my favourite places to shop for books.

Homemade or Store-Bought Goodies:

If you enjoy baking and you are good at it, then there is nothing better than giving someone some yummy homemade goodie like cookies, brownies, cupcakes etc. If you are not that great in the kitchen then store bought things can also get the job done. And remember, you can never go wrong with a box of good chocolates. The cookies and cupcakes in the pictures below are from Sugar Art Studio in Paphos. If you live in Greece check out Sugar Handmade for some amazing Christmas goodies.

There are soooo many options for gifts when it comes to clothes. You could buy someone a simple graphic t-shirt or a full on party dress, the options are endless. I found some really good deals on the Zara website but you can find good deals on clothes in many online stores but also in shops at your local shopping centre.



Just like for clothes, there are endless options when shopping for accessories. Scarfs, watches, sunglasses, earrings and rings are just some of the options that would make a great Christmas present and the best thing about accessories is that they come in a variety of prices!

These are some (of the many) options that can make a great Christmas present without breaking the bank. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and got some new ideas for last-minute Christmas shopping. 🙂



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