Five Ways To Get Over A Bad Day

Do you ever have those days when nothing goes right? You wake up in a bad mood (usually you don’t even know why) and everything goes downhill from there… Before the day starts you already want to go home, get under the covers and stay in bed for the rest of the week. Unfortunately that is not an option but at least you can always take a nap! There are so many ways to deal with such situations and you simply have to figure out what works for you.

Think logically.
Have you ever thought that the reason everything goes “wrong” is simply because you choose to see it that way? One little thing goes wrong and you decided the rest of your day will be a disaster. The trick is to not let all the negative thoughts take over! It is not the first nor the last day that your train is delayed, it is pouring and you forgot your umbrella at home, you got your period 3 days earlier than expected and you thought you had leftovers in the fridge but then remember you got hungry late last night and demolished them. 🙂 Do not give too much value and energy to things that don’t deserve it. You have dealt with everything before and you can deal with everything right now so do not let a series of unfortunate events ruin your mood and your day.

Call your mum, your best friend, your boyfriend and let it all out.
Sometimes in order to get over something you have to let it out of your system. Call your best friend and tell her all about your horrible day, complain for as long as you need to and once you let it all out you will usually realise that your day was actually not that bad. After all that is over you can spend the next hour catching up with your girl and then go on with the rest of your day being in a completely different mood.

Have a proper pamper night.
This is probably one of my favourite things to do whenever I am feeling down and it never fails to change my mood. When you are feeling bad on the inside, taking care of the outside can really turn everything around. Fill the bathtub, add some essential oils and a bath bomb and soak in the water for half an hour (or for however long you need to). If you want to go the extra mile, light some candles and read a nice book or drink your favourite wine (I hate wine but if you like it you will enjoy this + they always do it in movies haha). You can paint your nails, put on a face mask or a hair mask (for best results, both), use nose stripes to remove blackheads, use some under-eye patches and do a full body scrub. Take a shower to rinse everything off, put on your moisturiser and a rich scented body lotion. By this point you won’t remember why you were in such a bad mood to begin with. 😉

Have a night in with comfort food and a good movie. 
I love food and I hate cooking so this is something I tend to do quite often. Coming home after a long day I am usually dead tired and super hungry and living in London with so many food delivery options it is really hard for me to resist. However after a bad day I do not even try to resist. I go on my computer, order my favourite takeout which is either pizza or Chinese and sit in my bedroom waiting for the delivery man to ring the door bell! Order a food you really really love and know you will enjoy, go to the shop and pick up chocolate, ice cream or anything else your heart (your stomach really) desires, put on your comfiest Pj’s, get all cosy and comfortable in your bed, put one a good movie and just enjoy.

Get together with your friends.
Friends are such an important part of our life and they are (should be anyway) people that have the power to put you in an amazing mood no matter how we feel. Therefore getting together with your friends is always a good idea. You can meet up at your favourite restaurant for dinner, go to the movies, go out for a drink or two or get together and have a sleepover. Whatever it is that you and your friends like to do, I can guarantee that spending time with them will turn your whole day around.

Distraction is possibly the best solution to a bad mood. Avoiding our problems is not a solution but avoiding a bad day and moving on, is. These are things I do to turn my day (or night) around and one of them will always work. If you do not like going out with friends after a bad day, get in the kitchen and cook, bake something you have not tried before, read a book, go for a run or a long walk. Whatever you choose to do make sure it makes you happy! The idea is that it will distract you from all the negative thoughts you were having throughout the day and you will be able to have a peaceful and relaxing evening at last.


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