How To Style Over The Knee Boots

I personally really love heeled boots and I find them perfect especially for the colder months of the year. Over the knee boots are so trendy at the moment and I think they can be an amazing statement piece that will make your outfit stand out. I decided to write this post to share some of my ideas on how to style an awesome pair of over the knee boots for the autumn/winter season.

I used to find it so difficult to style over the knee boots. The only way I would wear them was with a short A-line skirt. Don’t get me wrong, over the knee boots and a leather A-line skirt makes a freaking awesome outfit but why limit yourself to that if you can actually create so many more combinations. 😉

According to your personal style and how far you like to push the boundaries, there are so many different ways to wear your favourite pair of over the knee boots! Starting from the basics, you can style your boots with any pair of skinny jeans (trousers in general but I prefer jeans). Also you can wear boots and trousers the same colour which will make your outfit look so cool and your legs super long.

The next option is to wear your boots with a relatively short skirt or dress. You can wear a pair of over the knee boots with a mini denim skirt and a black leather jacket, for a bad-ass outfit! If you are not really into the mini style of clothes then you can get the same effect with a skirt that is longer, but it is short enough to reveal the top of your boots. This is the style I went for in these pictures, I wore an over the knee dress that was definitely not a mini dress but it was short enough to show the full length of my boots. Another way to put together a super easy and quick outfit is to pair your boots with a sweatshirt dress. Many celebrities have been rocking this style for a while now and it looks super cute and comfortable and the heeled over the knee boots add a completely different vibe to the whole outfit.

The last option is definitely a more daring one but it looks so fashionable and chic. It is to style your boots with long skirts or dresses, around midi length or longer! You might think that the purpose of having boots that go up to your thighs is to show them right? I agree, but the purpose of this outfit is not to show off the boots. When you wear a pair of really long boots and then pair them with a long, flowy, asymmetrical dress, in my eyes it simply looks fabulous! You are not wearing tights but you are not showing bare skin either. All that is visible underneath your dress are a pair of super long sleek boots that no one knows how long they actually are. If you like to try different things, trust me on this one, and try out this outfit with either a cool maxi dress or a flowy midi skirt and you might just fall in love. If you have a really classic and feminine style then this might not be for you but this definitely makes an interesting outfit.

As I mentioned earlier, I used to struggle so much on how to style over the knee boots. I would have this amazing pair of boots that I would only wear once or twice throughout the whole season only because I didn’t know what to wear them with. I am almost certain that more women out there have exactly the same issue so I really hope this post will help you out.

If you have found your personal style and know exactly how you like to wear your fabulous over the knee boots, I hope this post gives you inspiration to experiment. Maybe try something new and different with your next outfit, you might love it!

Outfit Details:
Boots: Public Desire ON SALE
Faux fur Coat: Mango
Dress: Only
Purse: Boohoo

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