Appreciate Every Single Day.

In my first year of university I saw a man on a motorcycle get hit by a truck. I later found out that the man had unfortunately passed away at the scene. In the next two years that followed I heard about friends of friends who had passed away from cancer, suicide or other diseases and other people that passed away by falling off a chair or chocking while having their meal. Meanwhile terrorist attacks are taking away thousands of lives…

Today there was a car accident on the bridge near my university. We all got out of bed this morning thinking it was going to be just another Wednesday morning but it turns out, that was not the case for all of us. Unfortunately a man passed away and another human life was lost.

Death is everywhere and you cannot avoid it; just like taxes. However that does not mean that you should live your life in fear. This means that you should be fearless! If you believe in God, in any God, pray. Talk with God and know that He is always by your side. Bad things happen to other people to teach the rest of us a lesson. To teach us to appreciate life and remind us of how precious it is!

Do not ever take anything for granted. Every single day is a blessing. Show your parents you love them. Show your siblings you will always be there for them. Do not get in stupid arguments and do not hold grudges over stupid things. Or better, do not hold grudges. At all.

Be kind to other people because you never know what that person could be going through.

Time is irrelevant so have patience. If you are late to work one day, so what?

Do not overthink situations you can do nothing about. Do not stress about things you have no control over.

If you hate your job, change it. If you can’t, then remind yourself of why you are doing it. Your family must be worth a thousand bad jobs.

Whatever you have in your life that brings negative emotions, face it! It is definitely nothing you and your God cannot handle.

Stop thinking about everything you don’t have and do not get obsessed over materialistic things. Who cares if you have the best phone? Your cool, fashionable shoes will go out of style and your expensive, luxury car will get old and rusty.

All you need in life is to be surrounded with love. If you have around you people that love you then you really don’t have anything to worry about. Money will come and go and nothing lasts forever in this life. Except feelings. The strong feelings you have for people will last forever. They will be your motivation and support to get you through anything and everything in this life!!

P.S. Remember that a good heart never goes out of style.



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