Girls Trip – Holiday Photo Diary

This is a rather random post but as I took way too many pictures when I went on holiday I thought it would be nice to just share them with you all on the blog. It is a post I can look back on and remember the good times… but it will also give you all an insight of the place we stayed at (in case you are thinking of visiting). 🙂 Enjoy!

Just a quick message to all of you lovely people 🙂 : I feel like this is something most of you don’t know but when you scroll down towards the end of the page you find a box that says “Never miss a post”, and when you enter your email address there you subsribe to my blog. To be subsribed simply means that you will get an email every time I upload so you can keep up with the blog!



  1. Elena Merkouriou
    5 September 2017 / 11:36 PM

    Thelo je go 👌❤😙 Jealous 😇😇

    • Natasa Fylaktou
      5 September 2017 / 11:49 PM

      Haha well I have to admit it was awesome! 😍❤️✨

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